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Thread: What would you say to yourself at 17?

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    Originally posted by Friar
    mmmm pretty simple shite

    Stay off Drugs

    Drink in moderation

    Stay in school

    Stop Smoking

    Your gonna meet a psycho wench in a couple years ignore your feelings send her packing, the one your ment to be with won\'t be far off.

    Oh an when the doctor tells ya you got stomach cancer kick him in the jimmy and tell him to just give ya the IBS Meds and save yourself a year of hell.

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    mmm if I could meet myself at 17 I would have slapped me upside the head and then said, \"You\'ll know what that\'s for in a few years\"

    Then walked away.

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    concidering that was only 3 years ago i wouldnt say much... i was going to school (night school?) and being smart. only thing i didnt do was get my drivers liscence... heck i still dont have it.... onlything id really tell myselfe was to be more active in finding a job so id have a GOOD gaming computer now instead of the decent one i got lol

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    That\'s easy...

    Here\'s the winning Lotto numbers for the next 10 years.

    Oh..and when you hit 22..you will meet Elizabeth...use your other head with her. No..not the one ..the one below the tie area you half-wit.

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    Default Borrowed advice..

    Just be yourself, and don\'t give a f#$k what other people think.

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    There is so much I would have done different. A lot of the things I would say are no in action in my life today.

    I would say:

    * Ignore self righteous pricks. Yeah, they talk a good game but they tend to be hollow. Be true.

    * You always liked English and reading. Go for a major in Lit and English.

    * Stop being lazy you tit.

    * Smoke a little more pot.

    * Do a little more acid.

    * In four years you are going to meet a girl. Don’t let her go. Follow her back to Toronto.

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    I would probably say something along the lines of: \"Grow up.\" and \"Play more guitar, so you don\'t still suck when you\'re 20.\"

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    Depends on the scenario.

    If it\'s a case of actually BEING back in time, then that means the timestream is already split from the original and nothing I do to my past self will have any impact on my present self. So I\'d totally use it as an experiement with \"what if...\" and give him all sorts of screwed up advice. With no repercussions, Kep will play dastardly. ^_^

    If it\'s just a case of sending a message back and/or having an impact on my present self, then I\'d be more in line with what lono and others have said: very little info given, because those mistakes shaped who I am and I\'m actually pretty pleased with who I am. I would, however, write something like the following to my past self:

    \"Dear past self,

    You always knew I\'d be in contact with you sooner or later, so read carefully. I can not reveal as much as I\'d like, but you will follow these guidelines. If you don\'t follow these acceptably, I\'ll split the time stream and come back to harvest your organs when I get older.

    1) Whenever you\'re depressed, annoyed, or generally frustrated, get on a treadmill and jog, or get on the floor and do crunches, bicycle kicks, or pushups until it goes away.

    2) Do not be scared to do something because you might fail. When you feel nervousness well up inside you for whatever reason, acknowledge it, and then do the very thing that is making you nervous no matter how much you might tremble.

    3) Also, shave that fucking mustache. There is NO time in which a wimpy mustache is cool. I\'ve checked.

    Your Future Self

    PS - I\'m watching you.\"



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    Not really my advice but this is what my grandfather always used to tell me:

    - The world is going down so better make one hell of a ride on your way there.
    -You can\'t put everything in the world in boxes. There\'s no good or evil.
    -Try to see things in a different perspective then your own.
    -Don\'t fear to love.
    -In this world where everyone fights for their own good, it\'s better to fight for your own cause that\'s the one most worth fighting for.
    -let people have their religion, in the end everyone will know the truth.
    -Be yourself, don\'t follow the mob.
    -Trying to save the enviroment is like trying to save a lamb from a pack of starving wolves with your hands tied to your back.
    -There can never truly be peace, there shall always be war.
    -Make your own choice about trying drugs. Try them if you want but keep in mind that you should take everything in moderation, less is more more is less.
    -live life to the fullest for it is precious and it could be the only one youll ever have.

    Thats my crazy grandfather in a nutshell. I also have some advice from my own: life is too short to spend it worrying, go out and have fun.

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    Truthfully 17 is too late to give the best advice.
    But some good ones that might help:

    Measure Twice, Cut once!
    Manners cost nothing, but can give so much
    If you listen more than you speak, you\'ll learn a lot more.

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    Stay in school. Four more years of schooling will be worth it.

    Don\'t be afraid to live on the edge occassionally.

    Wear a condom.

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    Originally posted by steelcult
    Don\'t sweat the petty stuff, and don\'t pet the sweaty stuff.

    best ever lloyd. i think anyone of any age could benefit from that!

    at myself:

    enjoy yourself, have no regrets
    be more confident
    go to cmon and learn to paint properly before you get into any bad habits
    don\'t buy that minidisk player - it\'s a waste of money and you\'ll drop iut down the bog
    don\'t hit walls, they are tougher than even you are!

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    :evil: girlfriend......bad boys are “really” BAD BOYS so don’t spend the time or money

    If these words come out of a guy\'s mouth “ If you love me”.....bitch slap the bastard into next year

    It’s your life, live it like you want, oh, don\'t take \"you can\'t do that because\" from anyone:cussing:

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    Sex, drugs and rock n\' roll.

    But (slightly) less drugs and (much) more sex this time around....


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    Originally posted by Evil Dave
    2.) Invest in Microsoft and Wal-Mart.
    Uh..yeah, I was thinking the same thing!:beer:

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    Okay, I\'m going to give advice to a 17 year old, rather than my 17 year old self. If I did it to myself, it\'d be like a lot of the others: lottery numbers and stock picks.

    So, USEFUL advice:

    Don\'t hesitate to talk to the pretty girl. They\'re sometimes more alone than you think, and not every opinion thinks that she\'s pretty. Just a quick drink or snack might really turn into something. Then again, maybe not, but you won\'t know until you\'ve tried.

    Enjoy being able to eat damn near everything. Medical or weight issues will stop you eventually. So go ahead, eat that pizza followed by a chocolate cake. You\'ll wish you could do that again at 35.

    Don\'t screw college over by spending lots of time on the computer playing stupid computer games or anything else done alone. There\'ll be plenty of time for being by yourself later. For now, go out and enjoy being young with those around you.

    Be sure to save up some money to have a REAL adventure overseas somewhere. Once the family comes, the bills do too and it is possible you won\'t have time, money, or energy to do it.

    Visit your family as much as you can stand. Yes, you might be annoyed at Grandma or Grandpa now. But they\'ll be lucky to see you married off in this day and age. If you\'re very lucky, they\'ll be around to see their great-grandchildren.

    Get into good financial habits NOW. Credit cards are NOT free money and will cause you a mountain of trouble and cost more money later. Get into the swing of paying things off every month. Saving for six months for something you want is much sweeter when you don\'t have to spend the next decade paying for it. Plus, with the power of the internet behind you, you\'ll KNOW when it comes out and can plan ahead.


    I figure that\'s good for now.

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    Oh man what would I do!
    First off I\'d tell myself I wish I was that age again! THEN I would give me a list of names to avoid at all costs! If I ask myself why i\'ll kick the shit out of me till I promise...

    I might sit me down and have a talk about all the evils in life and how to avoid them, if in doubt reffer to the list lol

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    I would have said: CHRISTIANITY IS BOLLOCKS.


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    17 is ripe. 18 is savage. Till 21 we\'re muppets. From then on we\'re real adults. In the UK at least. We need to be French in our approach really, and drink wine as kids and respect booze. That\'s a big adult starting pointy, Sex is even more important. GET TO GRIPS FOLKS! The UK is sooooo far behind the Dutch, Scandinavians, Germans, French...we\'re rubbish. I speak as a bloke who know\'s that Wales is VERY bad at life. The Valleys are rife with drugs and sexual issues. It\'s depressing.

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    You were quite pissed last night weren\'t you Rev? lol
    Tell the truth and shame the devil!

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