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Thread: my sculpting techniques (hands and eyes)

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    Default my sculpting techniques (hands and eyes)

    i know sculpting hands and eyes are aright pain. as with any technique, everyone has their own so there are no \'rules\' as such - you have to find out what works for you. anyhoo, here\'s what works for me.

    i can\'t sculpt open hands so don\'t bother asking!! the idea is a simple one, it just takes practice to refine it (as with anything)

    put a small blob of putty (i am using a 50-50 mix of gs and procreate) on whatever the hand is grasping. then, using something curved (i used a conical colour shaper) indent the digits so the knuckles are pronounced. make sure you make them really stick out as they will become less distinct later. now add more ridges for the fingers

    then, using something fairly sharp, cut the individual fingers. bear in mind they aren\'t all uniform size (mine aren\'t perfect but i was doing this quickly!)

    use a colour shaper to go down those lines so they are less harsh and the fingers appear more rounded

    the colour shaper can then be used to indent the back of the hand to show the ligaments.

    all you need to do now is a little tidying up and add the thumb in the same way when the rest is dry!


    used to drive me insane but i have found a quick way to produce semi-realistic eyes. note - probably only really works on a small scale

    i make my own head dollies by putting a small blob of putty on a piece of wire. i flatten the end slightly so the putty has something to grip onto. it\'s a great way of using up old putty

    put a small piece of fresh putty on and shape it very roughly

    then, using the conical colour shaper again, indent the eye sockets

    then using the tip or something sharp (a cocktail stick will do) prod the insides of the eyes, this will later form the bridge of the nose

    then do the same for the outer corners of the eyes

    do a little tidying up so that they look more oval using a pointy tool, i use a needle type thing

    then push the brow forwards to make them seem less suprised.

    anyhoo, hope this helps you guys. i aint a pro but it\'s nice to share!

    any questions, just ask, or pm me

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    Thanks for this. It will be a great help to me.

    Now I have to find some time to get some practicing done.

    One question though...when you have sculpted the hands and they are cured, how do you attach them to the arm? Do you pin them or just stick them on with a bit of putty?

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    Tim I have one word to say about this :--


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    I agree with DR! I\'ve read a multitude of head articles so far, although I\'ve yet to actually start practicing myself, but as you said -- not every work will work for everyone. So it\'s great to see another example of a method I can test when trying to figure out what works best for me.

    As for the hands, I think this is the first time I\'ve personally come across something so clear and concise on the subject. Bare hands are something I\'ve had occasion to sculpt and, while I was at least satisfied enough with my attempts to use them, they certainly weren\'t anything special. I\'ll definitely be keeping these steps in mind the next time out, as I have no doubt this will help me improve on my past results.

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    well i didnt think that it was good enough to doa proper article. both finished sculpt and pic-wise. it was just so i could put my thoughts down and share them tbh.

    @mahon normally this will be on the end of the arm. i was only doing it separately for my ease.

    of course you could do it separately if you want. may make things easier

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    You made sculpting those hands and eyes way too easy! That hand looks very nice. I dread sculpting hands and your article has re-inspired me!

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    Impressive Tim!!

    Thats good stuff, especially for what seems to be the most daunting part of a sculpt.

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    thanks guys. inspiration is what it\'s all about, just glad to help. may knock up a tut sometime with better pics

    @vike, daunting, yes but there are many parts that are harder. i personally struggle to keep everything in scale and proportion

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