Miniature Mentor announces Avatars of War DVD
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Thread: Miniature Mentor announces Avatars of War DVD

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    Default Miniature Mentor announces Avatars of War DVD

    Miniature Mentor has negotiated with Avatars of War for a masterclass painting tutorial based on their Orc Hero sculpted by renowned artist Felix Paniagua. Release date and pricing is yet to be annouced.

    Miniature Mentor is the world\'s first online training library dedicated to the art of miniature painting and sculpting. Our tutorials showcase the skills of some the industry\'s best artists like Allan Carrasco, Dimitri Peyrard, Laurent Expostio Mas and Julien Casses.

    Avatars of War designs, creates and manufactures 28mm fantasy metal miniatures and miniatures games.

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    I hate to tell you but you\'ve put the picture link straight off your PC\'s desktop instead of a hosted site, which is why we can\'t see it. :(

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