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Thread: Miniature Mentor announces Reaper DVD

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    Default Miniature Mentor announces Reaper DVD

    Miniature Mentor and Reaper team up to bring you the Monique DuNoir master class painting DVD. Taught by 15 time Golden Demon winner Julien Casses, this massive tutorial will be available in both DVD and download format. Release Date and pricing to be announced.

    Miniature Mentor is the world's first online training library dedicated to miniature painted and sculpting. Our growing list of instructors includes Allan Carrasco, Dimitri Peyrard, Julien Casses and Laurent Exposito Mas.

    Reaper Miniatures, Inc. is a leading hobby and adventure industry company. Their primarily focus is the design and manufacture of pewter miniature figurines, paint and accessories for hobbyist around the world.

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    Yes, but when? There are lots of announcement but only one actual product so far.

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    Excuse suny (miniature mentor boss) he is a bit excited ^^

    Reaper movie will be film in the end on march, and lot of others big project are in preparation.
    I\'m just waiting for monique to make a first version before being film lol

    Normaly i think that the next DVD will be on the website in March weeks . I think it\'ll be about skin, white clothes or others things...

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    I have this fig, been wanting to paint it for awhile, even attempted a few times. Think I\'ve stripped it about 5 times now. I wanna do it justice, so I think you got yourself at least one customer here lol

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    so much news from this fine site!

    keep m comin

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    I gather these snipets of news we keep hearing, will be the $5 downloads we were promised for subscribing??????

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    I\'m waiting on the sidelines for now to see if there are updates before signing up.

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    They are nice tutorials, but i notice all are big models. Will there be any normal-sized minis?

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    actually the tutorial that\'s up right now is of a wolfen model that is 28mm scale. Granted he\'s a bit big because he\'s a monster, but he is \"normal\" sized in scale.

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