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    Default Size?

    Is the Iron Kingdomes and Hordes 28mm? I\'m thinking about mixing a few with my GW figures.


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    GW is smaller. WM and Hordes is 32mm scale IIRC. So they\'d have to represent something above average size in the Warhammer world.

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    If your opponents don\'t object to the proxying in friendly games, there shouldn\'t be any problem at all. Just remember to change the bases to the appropriate size for Warmachine and Hordes.

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    Ostensibly, Warmachine and Hordes are 30mm while GW is 28mm scale.

    That extra 2mm is entirely made up by Scale Creep. A Cadian is the same scale as a Trencher, while a Catachan is bigger.

    So... Same Scale. Or at least, close enough if you put them on the same bases.

    (Note: the bases are different sizes, so you\'ll have to get some 40k bases for them, but that\'s not a chore.)

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    If you\'re swapping in for 40k you\'ll probably be fine. If you\'re swapping in for WHFB you may run into trouble getting them to rank up properly. Best to do a test fit or two on the appropriate bases before you glue anything down.

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