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Thread: Diorama? \'Last Stand\'

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    Default Diorama? \'Last Stand\'

    Yes its the same diorama but on a new thread. That thread was not really a WIP to be honest it went a bit off topic.

    Started construction and i should get some pics here in the next few hours.

    I have 9 mutants so far and i am making a tenth as we speak. Going to use around 12 or so.


    THANKS (pics coming soon)

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    Tell me what you think, improvements etc

    (i know i need to touch up on the greenstuff on some of them lol)

    THANKS (they arent glued on to the building to make things easier to paint, they are however blue tacked on)

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    what do you think of my diorama so far?? (scroll sideways btw lol)

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    Looks cool. I cant really think of enything else to say, Im tired :yawn:. But it dose look good. Keep the picys coming.....stu.....

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    lookin good, off to a very fun start I like where this is goin, just don\'t forget the mold lines :P

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    ahhh its half term now for me lol

    i know mold lines are buggers


    Any more ideas for mutants? or shall i just keep it as that to stop overcrowding

    Basically the captain is about to die as you can tell (hopefully)



    he gets sniped, swarmed, head cut off by robot, shot to pieces by the person behing him ofrjust tentacled to death

    or blown up by the insane bomber lol

    i want him to look like he will die, but not without taking a lot of them down with him

    which one is your favourite?


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    looks good so far.

    if you don\'t know leaving a line between the images will have it where there don\'t stretch the page horizontally.

    [ img][/img][ img][/img]
    [ img][/img][ img][/img]

    stacking them two colums down the page.

    currently its too unfinished for me to see what it may need. or it doesn\'t need anything but paint possibly.

    is the base done or more work there other than painting to be done?

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    i think that all i need to do is the following.

    1 touch up on greenstuff.
    2or3 touch up on painting the base
    2or3 PAINT THE MODELS!!!


    quite a lot of work.

    What i mean was should i make any more mutants for the diorama or keep it as it is?


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    i think any more mutants on it would have them lumbering behind the action. looks like a good number of them for the depiction.

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    i might make some for the fun of it

    so what shall i do for colour schemes?

    not dark angels for the SM because i fancy a challenge and something different

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    a challenge eh? :twisted:

    how about Minotaurs?


    but that is just my idea of something challenging, and it may very well blend in too much with the base itself.

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    \'and it may very well blend in too much with the base itself.\'

    is that a joke? lol they are bright yellow and orange.

    I would say yes because it is a challenge but i dont like the look. All that effort for a colour scheme i dont like is pointless. Any other challenging ones to paint?

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    nothing comes to mind, as dumb as it may sound jsut look at the other chapters there or make up your own.

    i think ultrasmurfs are played out myself, blood angels are everywhere. sallies are jsut a variation of dark angels, black templars are bold but maybe a bit bland....

    it will all boil down to your personal taste for their chapter scheme.

    it you want really challenging then go for the hawaiian short look, or those striped paints from the late 80\'s early 90\'s.

    maybe they are wearing sailor suit colored armor?

    heck i am challenged to just get the paint where i want it so i don\'t know what would please or challenge you. just throw caution to the wind and run with the first thing that comes to miind.

    aside from that ramble i always wanted to try painting a few Novamarines from that same page.

    but thats just another random idea hopefully to stimualte your own creative juices.

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    Looking good to me.

    I especially like the suicidal leaping tentacle guy. He would look good with his head being blown away by a pistol in the good guys hand.

    I don\'t really know 40k so well so not sure how to advise on the colour scheme. All I can say is I think it would look great if it was a dirty, battle seasoned look. No bright armour, or if you choose bright colours, darken them with grime and battle damage.

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    \'He would look good with his head being blown away by a pistol in the good guys hand.\'

    Have you been reading my mind lol

    i did have a pistol but it broke so i am fixing it

    thanks for the support

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    Iron hands!!!!!!!:drool::drool:

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    Hmmmmm its a possibility

    what colours for the guard though

    i was thinking like dark blue and black or a dark blue/very dark blue to inidcate that it was a night time scenario before they were mutated

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    Well i have finally started painting and i think i like the model i have done so far.

    This is the mini (almost complete?)

    tell me what you think about how i could improve etc


    here it is:

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    looks good for the mutant look, but how will it look in the display base?

    will it blend in too much and could it use some spots of highlights without taking away fromt he \"dirty\" feel and look of it as is?

    or has the base itself been highlighted so the darker look of the minis wil stand out?


    look at it on the base before you paint anything in case my idea and thought is wrong so you dont ruin either the base or mini.

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