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    I am attempting to recreate a 28mm figure of Ash from the evil dead trilogy and i was looking for some help on sculpting a tattered and ripped effect on his shirt. I have tried a few things and all look god awful. Any suggestions?

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    For holes in clothing, or ripped and frayed edges I would work in layers of putty.

    Sculpt the initial form of the cloth, let dry. Add a new, thin layer over that and allow it to set up to a workable consistency. Once you can work it, push it around until you get the effect you want.

    For holes, just leave the underlying surface showing through. For tattered edges, draw out the edges with a pointy tool, or tool with a thin edge, like a dull exacto blade. Once you get the little tendrils of cloth dragged out, begin to shape them, trim them and smooth them into place.

    Simply put.

    1. Sculpt the form.
    2. Add thin layer of putty on top.
    3. Sculpt holes and frayed edges on thin layer.

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    how i make tattered edges:

    roll ot a thing blob of putty:

    then pull it apart. this will make it really thin and also create a rough edge

    you can then put small holes in with a needle:

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    FreakinaCage you really need to do an article you had that one post with the nifty head sculptin tips and now this ripped frayed fabric which looks awesome. Soooo get to work fella, those of us with weak GS-foo need these kinda nifty tips.

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    one thing ive never tried myself but have seen used to great effect in someone elses work was tissue paper that had been soaked in glue. (PVA or wood glue, i forget which) there were a few layers of it and it had been painted afterwards. the cloth in question was a tattered banner and a ripped up piece of material hanging over the house that was in the terrien.
    im not sure how durable it would be but it might be worth a try, its good for banners at least.

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