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    Ok painting a set of lootas for local store comp, ive started with the mek. Im looking for help i based the metallics in boltgun and brazen brass, then washed with watered down black ink and chestnut. I also washed the botls and joints on the copper with a highly wateed down enchanted blue.

    What im looking for is help finishing him off i always seem to hit the low 6\'s when i post.

    Please any advice on techniques etc would be great and any advice or critism to help me finish this would be awesome.

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    I think what you need to bring this already nice looking mini up are some brighter higlights, particularly on the skin, and perhaps some lighter drybrushing on the metals. Other then that mate you have a perfectly servicable mini;)


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    What he said. Also darken the shadows of the flesh and gums, maybe even with a less green color like Charadon Granite or maybe even dark purple. Make sure to keep it thin thin thin.
    Also a very thin wash/glaze of black/brown/blue or any combo thereof on the metallics should mute them down a tad and unify the piece some.
    And, one last thing. A dot of yellow in the red eye with do wonders! Give it that sort of menacing glow about it.

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    the black ink in the muscle cuts is too sharp

    Use a dark green ink instead.

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    Thats the thing i used ork hide shade for the skin shade :D Maybe some watered down dark angels?

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    You can work up your metals some more. Add some mithril silver or shinning gold into your brazen brass and highlight up. inkwashes aren\'t the end for metallics, you can do a little more.

    Also, for the skin tone, you can add more highlights. You already have a very solid mini there (it is tough getting above a 6 here on CMON). If you want to get to the next level, you should do more layers, and make them a little smoother.

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    Might I also suggest adding more depth to the metal components like the orb. From the picture it looks rather flat in color. Since it appears your light source is coming up above, use a much darker metallic color (or non metallic color if you want to try out this technique) and add some depth to the metal components. You should also focus on your light source and do the same for your non-metallic surfaces.

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    More work taken from the advice brought up the metals washed the brazen brass and highlighted up to a shinging gold, edged the black a bit more.

    More advice guys keep it coming having trouble where i should apply a lighter highlight for the skin if anyone could doctor the picture that would be great.

    Thanks for all the replys so far.


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