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    Ooooooh! That is way sweet! Well done Manu ,welcome to the forums with a BANG!

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    I have to say, I\'ve taken a real shine to your work;)...oh, that was bad...

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    And considering the comments on his mini, Manu fooled everyone with his \"paint\" - skills :)

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    Any chance of a tutorial?

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    Originally posted by Tuubje
    And considering the comments on his mini, Manu fooled everyone with his \"paint\" - skills :)
    yes he certainly did, he would of fooled me if I didn\'t know.
    \"Wow! Those metallics are really nice! They look very polished.\"
    you dont

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    Thanks for the comments :)

    I wrote a small article about polishing, to answer those who asked me on how to do it.

    to Tuubje: yes I fooled almost everyone :D but you have to shade the polished metal for it to look good, and that is almost painting :D

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    Default Thanks manu

    Manu, thanks for taking the time to write up your article. It is much appreciated I am sure :D

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    I\'m going to try it tonight on a grey knight mini (without arms, so it\'s not a waste if I botch it). I dont have the super fine steal wool though. Do you htink it will be ok with regular kind, or just skipping the the matches? Oh, when you say matches, do you mean you snap one in half and rub the mini with it?

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    Default Re vallejo alcoholics/oxidization

    hi,nice figure
    do you seal the alcohol based metallics with the anti rust varnish or similar before applying any other layers(smoke etc).

    for polishing to a shine you could try duraglit tho you might want to wash them afterwards.

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