Hello All,
We have lots of new figure releases this month at Olleys Armies. I've just added 9 New Mutant Psychic Scrunts (one with a sub-life form collector), 2 mutants and 3 sub-life forms. These new miniatures all form part of the Olleys Armies Psychic Scrunt Range. There is a special offer available on these new miniatures, buy all the new releases (Sets "PSY set 2 to 7") for only £ 29.00 GBP, saving yourself 10% on the individual set selling price.
We also have some other special offers for you, 50% Off a set of 8 Samurai Orcs now only £7.98, 25% off the Goblin Wolfriders and £5 off the Crouching Dragon.
Plus we are offering FREE postage worldwide for orders over £25 GBP
We accept payment by paypal the safest way to shop online
Thanks for reading http://www.olleysarmies.co.uk/psychicscrunts.html