SST Paint project. (upd march9)
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Thread: SST Paint project. (upd march9)

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    Default SST Paint project. (upd march9)

    well... i picked up the starship troopers table top wargame out of curiosity and love for the show \\ books \\ movie. so far all bugs are assembled as well as mobiole infantry. gonna paint them over the break so next update wont be until next weekend altho i may get them primed black before then.

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    i can\'t wait to see some of these things painted after only learning about them this week.

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    Are you going to go with the movie colors?

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    Originally posted by Thunderhawker
    Are you going to go with the movie colors?
    of course :D

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    Did you find that the bugs were a hell of a lot bigger than you were expecting them to be? I know I did.

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    This is one project I am anxjously waiting to see progress;)

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    well..... i got the mobile infantry models primed tonight. im going to spray the arachnids on friday at school using our fancy spray room that has circulated air and such

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    first bug almost finished (a few others have the yellow on the sides all have the red on the top) first marine started also

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    dunno havnt played yet... seems neet tho

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