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Thread: FINISHED Leman Russ Green Stuff W/O Wolves

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    Updated title to reflected finished work, hope you all like it! :D

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    The new pics certainly do help, but the model seems to lack definition. There seems a lack of detail on his leg armour, i dont know if its the picture of not but it looks like his feet,shins and thighs are all one blob.

    Also the lead for the wolves looks a bit like a snake. Using jewelry chain would have looked more authentic and better imho.

    Glad you got the sword how u liked it but again (sorry if im being overly critical but its only gona help) looks like it was not made by the imperium, its a bit all over the place. I feel using a bare sword would have looked so much better.

    The rest of the model seems cool, the base is nice and the pose is perfect for the mini, just the mentioned points would have helped it look so much more better.

    Still good work:cool:

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    You are right about the lashes in hand that will go to the wolves, I think I will go to the hardware store and take a look at the small chains and stuff :)

    see and the whole sword thing with the fluff of his sword I just didnt want it to be a plain sword.... larger teeth and the space wolves logo/fur added a little too \"just a plain sword\"

    Leman Russ was gifted a magnificent suit of armor thrice blessed by the Emperor, and his sword was replaced by the magnificent Frost Blade Mjalnar, forged from the teeth of the mighty Ice Kraken Gormenjarl. The blade was said to be able to split the mountains of Fenris in twain.

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