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Thread: Orks of Hordey Destructive type...behaviour

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    Here\'s the article link - I thought I\'d put it up on CMoN because they have lots of useful modeling articles already and it\'s a great resource.


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    Ok here\'s an update on the orks for all those of you who want to see :)

    I\'ve been out of action for the past few weeks but got some time to paint lately. So far I\'ve completed the 18 tankbustas and bombsquigs and the 24 burna boys, and I\'ve moved onto doing the bikes. I decided I didn\'t want to paint the old 2nd ed bikes so I\'m offloading them and going to get more of the current ed bikes.

    Here\'s a picture of the mass of painted models - this is the entirety of the footsloggers that have been speed painted. Everything from now on will be painted at a higher level of detail. You are looking at around about 200 odd orks of various different weapon fitouts here, so look carefully so you don\'t blow your mind!!!!

    And here are a few pics of the orks in action:

    Deployment zone (1/4 table almost filled):

    Off the mark 2nd turn:

    And some action shots:

    Hope you like! :)

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    I am so overwhelmed by your work I am speechless... First off it is nice to see someone that loves their orks so much that they cannot stop creating for them. Personally I think that an ork army is not an ork army without the majority of it being converted from plasticard and the like. Your stompa, koptas (love the hang glider), bikes, dozers and anything I forgot are unbelievably awesome. You make me want to start converting again for my ork army - I converted my own battle wagon, about 40 hours of conversion, but stopped converting because I cut my finger with the knife I was using and severed a nerve. But after looking at all of the goodies you have made it makes me want to convert more and risk losing fingers to do so. lol

    Couple of questions:
    How much time do you spend painting a single ork?

    Do your opponents care if you use the rules for the Brass Scorpion?

    What inspires your conversions? Do you see something in real life that you think would look cool in an ork army?

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    Hi dude - I didn\'t spend time on each individual ork, they were batch painted. It took about 30 hours for a group of around 30-40 orks at a time. The individual models take a while longer but I can\'t remember because that was a while ago.

    As for the rules for models, I\'ve sold Da Klaw and the Stompa and any of the people I game with don\'t mind too much the rules I use as long as it\'s reasonable.

    The models and conversions I do are either just on the go creations or something inspired by pictures I see around the place. Inspiration for me comes from all different places, like I originally made Ripley simply because I liked the idea of an upright defiler and I struggled through it till I ended up with one. Then the rest were easy because I have most of the groundwork done. Da Klaw was from a picture, the Steam Stompa was also from a concept picture, so it really depends on what inspires me. Sometimes I just get bits and then fiddle with them until I get something cool looking. It\'s a very - umm - fluid process. :)

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    Ok, well I\'ve had a few people ask me to link these when I sell them so I\'m providing links to those who might be interested. The Zeppelins are currently up for sale. If anyone is interested, here are the ebay links.

    Now, I have checked the boards rules, and if I break them on this forum by posting this, I\'m sorry in advance. I\'ve read the rules and pretty sure I haven\'t missed anything that says I can\'t post these links:

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&i tem=320298631235

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&i tem=320298629632

    Any questions - please don\'t hesitate to ask.

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    Ok, here\'s the latest news on the orks blog. I\'ve finished painting up six of the new bikes. I have to say it again - the new bikes ROCK! I don\'t care what anyone says - GW are doing a SMASHINGLY AWESOME job of modelling lately! Just look at the box set for AoBR! WOW! 3 Piece ork warboss that looks AMAZING!

    Yeah ok, anyone is gonna mistake me for a fanboi any minute!

    Anyways, here are the current bikes painted - they were done using a combination of my speedpaint method and my detail method. They have taken a bit longer than normal to paint, but that\'s to be expected. I wanted them to look better so I spent more time:

    Here they are with the mounted ork warboss who is standing in as Wazdakka at the moment

    And some boy shots

    And my latest baby that I am working on (this is gonna be a REAL Wazdakka!)

    Soon I\'ll be onto some DEFFKOPTAS! Both new and old (my old).

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    Man, I have been following this thread for a while. Some realy awsome stuff! I think i like the blimp the best. Keep going man!!! :D

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    Here\'s my latest update. Wazdakka the crazy ass special HQ dude is pretty much built. I\'m pretty happy with it, I\'ve done a lot to stay with the concept pic while at the same time giving it my own flavour. Here\'s the pics:

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    WOW, that biker boss is great.

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    Rightio - just so you dont\' think I\'ve been slacking, here\'s a few pics of what I\'ve been doing. I\'ve got enough boys I think so I don\'t intend to assemble the Black Reach boyz anytime soon. But I do need more nobs, so I\'ve assembled and based all of them, one of the warbosses and six deffkoptas. Here\'s some pics to give you an idea of the fun I had with them:

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    wow! the ultimate orky thread! Inspired me to start on my scratchbuilt deff dred :)

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    Well, here are some updates. It\'s been a while, but I\'ve been playing around with stuff.

    I have one more bike to finish. It\'s going to be a bike with an ammo trailer and that should be done up tomorrow sometime. Maybe some painting started.

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    Here\'s the last bike - with trailer and alternative chain end attachment (broadside attack, anyone?). I can remove the trailer for use as an objective, and then probably just hook it up and ride off with it...illegally of course coz dats wot orkses do!

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    Were all your bikes dipped too?

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    I used dipping to start the weathering off - but then resorted to a more traditional style of painting to finish them off. I wanted them to look of higher quality than the footsloggers.

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    OK, bigger better larger updates!

    It\'s been prolly about 2-3 weeks since I updated this thing so here I go with some new stuff. Since last update I\'ve painted up the rest of the bikes, all the deffkoptas and 3 warbuggies. I\'ve also converted and based 24 grots and 3 handlers, 1 with prod, 2 with grabbas.

    Over the next week or two I\'ll paint those up, so then after finishing this lot, all that\'s left to paint are:

    24 Grots + 3 handlers
    about 12 nobs
    roughly 10 special characters
    Oh! And 1 trukk

    Then I\'ve painted everything that is sitting unpainted and that ought to free me up to build another battlewagon and maybe that 3 steam stompa idea I\'ve been toying with...

    Here\'s some pics:

    Everything I\'ve painted since last update:




    Big enough update, I reckon...

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    those hot air balloon copta\'s are great.
    the delta wing should have been paddling to go forward, that would have been hilarious.

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    Well with the introduction of a fan to speed up the dip-drying process, I\'ve been seeing some real speed come into the painting. I\'ve only been working on the trukk today and it\'s almost finished, and the grots have been started. At this rate I should have the grots and trukk practically done tomorrow afternoon and maybe get a start on the nob squad. And after a quick recount, the only models left to paint after that are a Big mek with Shokk attakk gun, A painboy and orderly, the AoBR Warboss and a weirdboy sans handlers.

    So next week should see the finish of the large masses of painting. WOW! It\'s taken long enough...but not that long at all really...I guess it feels that way because there\'s so much to paint!

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    Ok, here are the final pics of the mega-uber-WAAAARGH!nificent paint-a-thon! Finally done all of the undercoated freestanding models (well - all the ones I intended to paint).

    Here are the pictures of what has been done:

    (Slightly dodgy pic here)

    Random nob

    Grots and Handlers (converted)

    And a picture of the entire painted horde in all it\'s WAAARGH!-nificent glory!

    Here is a rough inventory:

    6 Rokkit Koptas
    7 Shoota Koptas
    6 Trukks
    1 Battlewagon
    3 Rokkit Buggies
    13 bikes and nobs
    1 Biker Warboss
    1 Wazzdakka
    1 S.A.G.
    1 Weirdboy
    1 Painboy and Orderly
    13 Stormboyz and Nob
    20 Nobs
    3 Meganobs
    3 Kans
    about 40 \'ard Boyz
    about 100 Boyz
    about 24 Burna Boyz
    about 20 Commandos and nob
    12 Flash Gitz
    6 Mekboyz
    1 Ghazghkull
    About 20 Tankbustas and 6 Bombsquigs
    25 Grots
    3 Slavers

    Now to consider the next parts of the army - later -

    At the moment I\'m finishing off the 35 or so praetorians I\'ve been meaning to paint up as a commission for the last 18months or so and then to decide what is next.

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    Your are an army painting inspiration. What keeps you going to paint through so many figures?

    Also roughly how many points is that army?

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