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    Hey folks, been a while since I\'ve posted a project.

    I got semi-addicted to Warhammer for a bit, waaay too many minis to paint. Not for me, I\'m done.

    I\'m going to try to get back painting one mini at a time, and doing a good job. Hopefully you all can help. Heres my progress:

    I\'ve left the hands mostly untouched for now, and the pants have only been shaded. Any comments are appreciated.

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    Good start only thing I really notice are a couple spots the blending could be a lil smoother, might just need a couple washes to pull the tones together. Look forward to seeing him progress, keep it up :)

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    Default oh well

    I meant to post more wips of this guy, but I needed to get a tripod and better lights. By the time I got around to it, he was done. lol
    EDIT - I updated this image. I diffused the light and I\'m happier with the result.

    I have 2 more in blister, so I\'ll keep them in this thread, hopefully with actual stages this time.

    Comments welcome, TIA!!!!

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    Default HELLO?

    Whenever I post a technical question to this forum, I get bombarded with helpful responses. In other words, I KNOW YOU\'RE OUT THERE! :cussing: :D

    I won\'t bite you or cry if if you don\'t like the mini I worked hard on. Your constructive criticisms will help me to do better next time. In fact, I think C&C is worth a lot more then simple complements.

    So have it me! Hate it, but just please tell me why! :)

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    I think less people frequent the WIP threads, and bear in mind in does depend on the time of day and day of the week :)

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    Not that I can do any better, keep in mind, but your warriors face looks a little clumpy. Can\'t tell if it is just the picture, defects in the mini, or lumpy paint though.

    Also, his skin looks a little I don\'t know if that is the effect you were going for or not, but that is what I think. I know that your newer pic is just a base coat on the skin, but I would shoot for a color closer to that for your final color.

    I do realize that you have his hair the color of fire, and mabey the red skin is what you were after. It doesn\'t look bad, just, i don\'t know, wrong.

    Over all, looks very good though.

    Whenever I post a technical question to this forum, I get bombarded with helpful responses. In other words, I KNOW YOU\'RE OUT THERE! :cussing: :D
    I hear you. I have a thread started here, so have a go at me if you would like.

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    Default #2

    Flesh done on #2 (maybe done anyway ;) ) He\'s a bit shiny from inking.

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    I actually liked the redder skin a bit more myself, though his back could have used maybe a bit more work - more highlighting, etc. Though that may be an effect of the picture as the front seems spot on.

    It is hard to really say much about the second one yet, as skin, IMO, doesn\'t show its full potential until other colors erupt around it.

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    I personally like the skin. I think a good matte varnish will hide the \"shine\" as is. I have sprayed high gloss enamel, then a matte varnish over the top for a fairly good effect, and they can virtually be put through a garbage disposal +2 and come out unharmed. Well, maybe that is a slight embellishment, but...well you get my drift.

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