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    Default YAT - yet another titan

    now that the legs are almost done, i want to share my latest project with you.
    my own kitbashed reavertitan.
    of course the legs will get some armor, but for moment i\'m quite happy with them and will start working on the body, head and weapons soon ....

    as you can see the legs position cann still be changed and the walking-mechanism could be functional ...

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    Nice work thus far, I\'ll defiatly be keepin my eyes on this beasts development

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    I could have a FUNCTIONING walking mechanism!?? Oh man - that would rock :D

    Can u give a functioning mini plasma-fusion drive too? :P lol

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    If I had to come up with one word to describe that it would be


    But, since that obviously makes no sense, I\'ll add


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    wow, hope that the war is coming to you, or at least that you have a small truck to move all those haha!

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    great work again

    if you bring this one to GD Germany, it won\'t fit in any of the display cabinets :D

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    very cool - never thought you could make them bigger

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    thanks for all your comments done so far ... :)
    last night i drew a concept of how it could lok like on my table ...
    in this concept the commander could stand right in the mouth and watch the battle.
    additional to that on the mainweaponmounts, ther could be a landspeeder landing pad on each.
    andin the back i have my jumpplattform for the assaultsquads the titan should carry. maybe i\'l find enough space to add some flak on the roof and 2 sentinels equiped with jumppacks to support the assaultsquads.

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    nice concepts

    i like the idea

    this thing is going to be HUGE

    are you going to use it in games?

    or is it just for display/conversion fun?

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    Well I\'m pretty sure the fluff wouldn\'t \"allow\" an SM titan, but who cares :)

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    whoa! amazing stuff. like the way you have arranged them all for reference

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    Massive and awesome! Looking forward to see this completed.

    On the other titan, is that a kitbash or a spacemarine Warhound?

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    Orginal gepostet von djinn24
    Massive and awesome! Looking forward to see this completed.

    On the other titan, is that a kitbash or a spacemarine Warhound?
    no no .. the other titan is also just a kitbashed one. made from defilers, landraiders and land speeders and many othe gw-parts.

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    the whole day i was thinking how i could improve the legs design ?! ...
    i think finaly i found a way by replacing some parts of it against others and corecting the position.
    the new legs are about 5 cm taller than the old ones. and i managed to get rid of the defiler parts i used as hip joints in the first version.
    i\'m quite happy with the new leg, but would like to know your opinion as well ... :D
    here we go:

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    Do you have more close up pictures of the other smaller titan next to it?

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    Orginal gepostet von Gussy
    Do you have more close up pictures of the other smaller titan next to it?
    yes ... check out my gallery and you\'ll find some ...
    meanwhile i updated the second leg, too.... :

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    here\'s a 3picminitut how to extend the defilers legs ... : ;)

    meanwhile i started thinking about how to realize the leg-armor. i wanted to design in a way, that still allows seeing the mchanical parts behind.
    ... :

    looking at it i felt like there was something missing to make it look mote 40k-like and the armor itself more realistic. according to the lookthrough-criteria described above i found the right parts in my necromunda-box. and believe it or not ... - after some cutting it fir almost perfectly exactly where i wanted to have it ... B)

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    just to give myself and -of course- you an impression of big it could become or what shape could be a good one i created a concept for the torso with lego ...

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    Wow man, impressive. I love that the dread is only as big as his foot.

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