Best of Show Announced in 1st Invitational Think Outside the Box Exhibition
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Thread: Best of Show Announced in 1st Invitational Think Outside the Box Exhibition

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    Default Best of Show Announced in 1st Invitational Think Outside the Box Exhibition

    Best of Show for her inspired interpretation of Mermaid on Amethyst was awarded today to Golden Demon winner and GenCon favorite, artist Liliana Troy. The sculpt presented to participating artists was a "challenge sculpt" requiring them to utilize their imagination and push the envelope of their creative talents to interpret the sculpt. Congratulation to Ms. Troy for her excellent achievement.

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    Congrats Liliana :)

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    Default Lili\'s complete entry ....

    The link on the front page only shows the mermaid front on. Here\'s the link that shows the various views and discusses Liliana\'s complete presentation.

    click here: Best of Show

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    You go Lili..Woot Woot!

    Does she win a prize????

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    Default Bien sur !

    Of course ! Every participant will be receiving a nice gift of appreciation for their talents and efforts. Best of Show will receive the same, plus a little extra something. The Awards will be presented in Texas in May, the evening after ReaperCon. Those unable to attend and receive their gift and recognition in person, will have it send to them. I\'m not sure, but I think Lili might not be coming to ReaperCon this year. If she can\'t them I guess she need to appoint some one to accept the award for her. :)

    There were some amazing interpretations of the Mermaid. If was a tough choice to try and determine which was actually best of show.

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    Lili won\'t be at ReaperCon this year.

    I, however, will be.

    And I would be able to accept for her, if she\'s ok with that. :-)

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    Yeah, unfortunately I won\'t be at ReaperCon this year.

    Flynn, that\'d be great if you could accept the award on my behalf :)

    Thanks Kathryn for choosing my mermaid as the best in your mermaid collection :beer:


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    Congrats to Lili and all the entrants. The entries were interesting and well-painted, and I don\'t envy QoC having to choose between them!

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