The Forgotten of Menoth--Alternate color scheme
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Thread: The Forgotten of Menoth--Alternate color scheme

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    Default The Forgotten of Menoth--Alternate color scheme

    When I first got into Warmachine, I was talked into playing Menoth because that was the only faction left that wasn\'t being played in the league I joined. After checking out the color scheme, I decided that I wanted to go in a completly different direction (plus my white and red -fu were WAY off at that time). So I came up with an alternate color scheme. After playing it a few times, some of the other guys in the league commented on how dark and sinister the new color scheme was, which got me to thinking about a little fluff for this arm of Menoth. Seeing as how the Menoth faction is primarily desert based, I thought it would be cool to have a group that is isolated and \"forgotten\" by Menoth and his followers in the middle of the desert. I also wanted the jacks to have a very \"heavy\" metal look to them so I went with all metallics and Tamiya smoke (that stuff is the BOMB!). After awhile I stopped playing and painting Warmachine. I recently dug these out of storage and am putting them on new, themed bases. Once this project is complete I will be putting these models, a unit of unassembled unpainted temple guard, Menoth faction cards, rule books and special Warmachine templates from GF9 all on eBay.

    Also, keep in mind these are NOT done and I would LOVE some comments and suggestions!On to the piccy goodness!

    Here is the first group of jacks with High Exemplar Kreoss:

    And the same Kreoss model as above but with 2 more warjacks:

    And a few close ups of the big fellas:

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    they look awesome man.. Im really digging the worn metal look.. I wish i could buy them but I know i wont be able to afford them best of luck with the ebay thing

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    Nice detour from the usual \"we are the good guys\" colors

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