Big and Flabby!! The Greasy One approaches!!
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Thread: Big and Flabby!! The Greasy One approaches!!

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    Default Big and Flabby!! The Greasy One approaches!!

    Two years ago, I painted Greasus Goldtooth for a painting competition. The piece was such a pain to put together and hide the seams, that I ran out of time before finishin the gnoblars. So I turned him in without the gnoblars spilling the gold or fanning him. As it turned out, I didn\'t even come close to placing.

    Fast forward 2 years, and I have finally gotten around to painting the little green buggers:

    They are mounted to soda bottle caps for easier handling while painting.

    I also had to modify the Greasus base to get these guys to fit. Here is the main Greasus mini and his modified base:

    I added two 25mm square bases to the front of the main base and glued them all to some plasticard. I am filling the gaps with PVA glue and sand. I also smooth out some gaps with GS and paint the base sides black for cover.

    Here are some bonus pics.

    Left side:

    Right side:

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    I don\'t recall allowing my likeness to be used for this model!!

    Good to see you around\'s looking very cool.

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    Thanks guys

    @s-vike:Thanks vike, it has been a LONG time since I had anything worth while to post (at least pic wise!)

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    that is one busy mini there.

    But good job. I\'d like some larger pics (especially since the mini is so big) but it looks really good.

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