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    Yes i know the paint has chipped of here and there, but what can you do about it certainly NOT dissolve the paint and repaint them.
    I have used far to much time on them for that.

    Well leave a few comments and a few advices wouldn´t be too bad either.

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    Some good looking dwarfs in there. I\'m working on a Dwarf Army too, have some of the pics up. :drunk:

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    Wow... I\'d just flock the bases and knock that shine down with some dull coat and call it an army. They look pretty sharp for a gaming army. Call \'em done and move on to the next project! =)


    PS: I\'m working on some dorf dorfs, too. Lazy about taking pics though. Have a unit up here:
    and here:
    but I haven\'t posted anything else. I\'ll start up a WIP thread like this too. Then we\'ll all have something to grumble about together. Via la grudge!!!

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