Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop has moved to the Armorcast Webstore. All of the favorite decals and miniatures - including Tom Meier's Anime Schoolgirl with the Ham-Hammer 3000 are up and ready at
New for Spring 2008 from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop:


(TRI001) Red Triangular Dags $5.50
(TRI002) Black Triangular Dag $5.50
(TRI003) Gray Triangular Dags $5.50
(TRI004) White Triangular Dag $5.50

Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop Miniatures


(PIR001) Commadore Lazarus Hook - Zombie Prirate $4.99
(PIR002) Squidbeard - Illithkin Pirate Capitain $5.00
(PIR003) Mighty Jones Young - the Killa' Gorilla Pirate $5.00
PIR004) Jose the One Eyed, Pegleg Pirate $5.00

Brew Party
[BREW005] Gnorbert the Gnaughty Gnome $4.99
[BREW006] Lortzy the Dancing Gnome $5.00

Fem Fatale
(FemFatale001) Requiemma Necromancer Bard $