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    Well I\'ve been posting figures in the gallery for almost 2 years now, but never used the forums (To be honest I didn\'t actually notice them for the first year :redface: ) Anyway I was thinking of posting in the threads on Salute or the World Expo, and I just finished my latest piece and thought I\'d actually post some stuff about it here.

    It\'s a real pity the Ilyad stuff is so hard to get, they did some excellent sculpts and this little piece by Allan C is no exception. There are several versions of the larger Ilyad minotaur here on CMoN, but I was unable to find a copy of this smaller one painted.

    Anyway, the main point of this post is to provide some links and a bit more text to go with the gallery. Overall the figure gave me a chance to work on my metallics, fur and flesh tones, and the base allowed me to try out some marble effects again. So here are the work in progress images.

    Of the base
    The main idea behind the base was to have the minotaur looking down a slope using the terrain to raise the left foot slightly so the figure would be looking forward instead of looking down too much. I then used a strip of plastic to help create a cut through effect for the sides and back of the base, allowing be to avoid sloping the ground up from all sides.

    And the figure
    When I started I knew I wanted to try some interesting pale skin tones, possibly attempting something similar to AllanC\'s orc\'s. But I was unsure of the exact colours I wanted to use so left it till last and then went with colours I felt would fit with the work already done.
    So it actually became one of the few figures where I painted the face first, though I came back to it at the end to adjust the contrast and tone to give it more focus.
    And then I did the metallics, pushing the oxidation about as far as I felt I could take it. And trying to get some interesting texture in the leather while keeping it a contrasting Tan colour.

    Anyway, here\'s a link to the final gallery picture

    And some larger images

    Thanks for looking

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    Default AWESOME !!!!

    One of the few fantasy minis on my FAVOURITES ! A brilliant bit of painting.Love all the photo links,I wish I had the computer skills to do such techno marvels!:beer:
    GOD bless.................................VINCENTI lol

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    brilliant - nice to see the wips as well

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    Just to mention I added some waffle to go with the pics
    (Sorry, no syrup)

    And thanks for the comments
    Especially Vincenti, I\'m humbled

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    cool yours is a gallery I watch as I see some of the development phases you work on are similar to the ones I do.. The Ilyad sculpt is awesome and I kick myself constantly for not bying Ilyad minis when they were about...(dumb ass)..
    Great stuff.

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    Nice to see it finished Conrad :)

    You are quickly becoming a master at texture, the dark fur sections on this are fantastic.
    Cheers for the big pics as well, Il be printing one of them out.

    A little to much verdigris IMO, but it is nicely balanced over the figure with the touches of green on the base.

    A 10 from me :)

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    Just fantastic! 10 from me and I give them only very rarely. Is there anywhere you can still get the Illyad stuff from or do you just have to get lucky on ebay?

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    This is one of my favorite figs and yes, you\'ve done it justice! No crits, here, just admiration.

    Incidentally, I\'ve got this and the larger Ilyad minotaur, but I\'ve seen a second smaller minotaur listed in some shops, though I\'ve never tracked down a pick. Is there a third Ilyad minotaur out there?

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    Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I\'m a huge fan of minotaurs and have quite a collection. I too have one of the Illyad ones, but not this one (i have the one where he is resting his fist on the ground) and seeing this so beautifully done, makes me want to get mine done too. Hurrah! for AllanC!

    I love the pale skintone (I might be cheeky and nick it for mine!) and the metallics are super cool. A lovely piece, grats :D

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    Nice one! :) The colours turned out very nice and the technique is good as well. I espcially like the metals, even the OTT oxidation... makes it look almost magical. Cool!

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    Thanks guys

    As for different ilyad minotaurs
    The one with his fist on the ground is the larger one
    And I\'m not aware of a third

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    There is this one aswell, from the Barbarian range, but it isn\'t half as nice as the other two.

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    very nice work indeeed sir.
    congrats on a lovely piece.

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    This is a difficult question to ask so I hope it makes sense.

    On the back where you place a pale skin next to the brown, how did you get the transition to look so good? When I try to do that sort of thing it looks real harsh and streaky.

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