Who\'s going to ReaperCon?
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Thread: Who\'s going to ReaperCon?

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    Default Who\'s going to ReaperCon?

    I haven\'t bought or painted a Sophie yet, but I think I\'ll start this year!

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    Wouldn\'t the addition of wings slow down the velocity of the bomb? I mean, how is she to ride the bomb down if she\'s got two honking big parsails on her back providing lift? :D:D:D

    Looks like I\'m going to have to see if I can find one of these floating around to paint up. Oy Vay!

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    Sweet Magic 8-Ball!! I really want that one - and will prolly not be able to attend:(

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    Reaper sells these online during the days the con runs for folks to buy. So if you can\'t make it, you can still get sophies. :)


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    Yep, but they really do sell them only for the actual days of the con, so maybe you should mark your calendar or something.

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    sharp looking Mini..

    I wont be attending...

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    I wont be there, but I MUST have a sophie... never bought one before, but that\'s top notch.

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    Default Reaper Con rocks !

    I\'ll be there this year. :) If anybody cares to say \'hello\', I\'m going to hang around in the Reaper food court at the lunch hour on Saturday, May 17th. I\'ll be the one wearing the tiara. :D

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