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Thread: Painting Black NMM.

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    Default Painting Black NMM.

    I am looking for a good Guide on how to paint black NMM for the vampire counts mannfred model.

    Thanks in advance,

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    NMM = Non Metallic Method...

    Black metal?
    Do you mean perhaps Black SENMM - where you paint SUPER-shiny-effect black so that it appears to be reflective...?

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    I mean very dark metalic surfaces like the chest armor of mannfred von carnstein. ( ). PS: it\'s not SE-NMM just normale NMM for the chest armor.

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    Oh right
    (Mannfred Von Carstein link for you lazy sods :P)

    That doesn\'t actually look like NMM to me (If you\'re talking about his chest armour) it just looks like well blended highlighting - probably using shadow grey.

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    yeah thats not nmm thats just highlighted

    painting mannfred myself awsome mini


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    DaN is right, thats just a black base with very subtle shadow grey hilighting, very effective it is to though i\'d rather see it darker and polished with a sheen

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