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    you are a madman. But in the best possible way. Great work, can\'t wait to see what becomes of this.

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    A madman you say? Is it now I should tell you that the model is measured at 5.33:1 scale compared to an Epic model? ;)

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    Well, everyday tasks taken care of(at least some of them) and I thought this to be a good time to show you the rest of the model. No fancy storytelling this time, just plain pictures of the model... That\'s right! No ranting, no ranting at all... Just pictures. That\'s right...

    Ah, what the heck.

    When the Apocalypse release was, i bought myself the Space Marine Battle Company box for my Space Wolves and in there there just happened to be a few Rhinos(wonder how they got in there... lol). From them I snatched the instruments panels and cut out the monitors and radars on them.

    With the cut out pieces and some plasticard i made the interface panel for the main gun and attached it to the right side track...

    I used the arms and head of the tank commander on a sentinel pilot body.

    It\'s starting to take a basic shape now, this is how it looks when I put all the pieces I\'ve got together...

    And there\'s how it looks this very moment. At the moment I\'ve got problems deciding what to cover the inside walls with to make them look good... And I\'m also thinking of changing the shape of the tower as well, I\'m not really satisfied with the tilt... At least I think it\'s the tilt, cant exactly pinpoint what it is I don\'t like about it...

    What do you think?

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    The tilt is a lot less than that on the turret of the forge world one, and in real word terms, wouldnt have as good a chance as deflecting a shot off the armour instead of punching through it.

    But bloody nice work so far.

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    then perhaps I should add 5-10mm to the lower base? Would give it about a 45 degrees tilt roughly measured. Perhaps draw the roof back a bit or maybe a combination...

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    I would have thought something close to 60 degrees would have been right, otherwise you end up being too tight on the top, or the turret ends up too tall.

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    60 degrees do look rather good actually, 45 is no good at all. I\'ll start right away on that one. perhaps I can use my old parts if I\'m careful. Update coming soon I hope.

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    Since you\'re already doing lights, it would be cool to have the TV screens light up.

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    The thought is interesting... It would take a bit more drilling and some glass paint but I don\'t think it would be impossible... though I would have to find some dimmed diodes first... Can\'t have the screens light up the whole tank.

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    Chrome look HERE the angle of the armour plating you have created looks pretty much \"correct\".

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    Any way of linking them all in series, and just slapping the closest limit resistor on to dim them down, or is it on/off with diodes like that?

    But anyway, the angle of the armour plates on the link you sent DR, they look a lot more than 60 even now I see them, maybe something more like 65 ish.

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    Rather than trying to find \"Dimmed\" LEDs or watever, why not simply coat your \"Screen\" with a black glaze (Try a layer and keep adding until it reaches a level you like)

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    @Ben and DaN: The thing with most diodes is just that, they\'re on/off. The reason I want a bit more dimmed ones is that then I wouldn\'t need to be so pedant about the light shining through where it shouldn\'t, less work for a better effect. The glaze will be done for sure.

    Thanks for reminding me about the \"new\" patterns of the stormblade Dragonsreach, I had completely forgotten about those pictures. I still think my roof might be just a wee bit high though... But that could still be because it doesn\'t have any details added yet... Lucky for me I didn\'t have time to do any modelling today so I haven\'t changed it yet.

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    Having looked back at your pics again, and mostly the height of the plasma gun, I do think you want to drop it right right down low.

    The one on the forge world site seems to have it mounted below the level of the side armour, as it doesnt need to turn like an actual turret,and would make the whole tank a lot more squat and angry looking.

    Thought about making the plasma gun glow at all.......

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    Actually, I haven\'t had any real thoughts about making the exterior glow/shine... Sure, the thought has struck my mind but I\'m not sure if I can get the effect I\'m after with LED\'s and the limited amount of space we\'re looking at here, and I want the real \"WOW\" to be when you open it up...

    I am definitely going to lower the turret, there\'s plenty of space inside for a significant alteration and as you say, it will look alot more menacing that way.

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    The work with lowering the profile of the tank has been initiated... This far no injuries except a missing arm has occured.
    The total height reduction will be about 5 mm. Hopefully that will be enough to lower the profile enough to make it cease mimicking a fortress tower.
    I will lower the gun mount about as much as well, if possible.

    Luckily it was one of my models that lost the arm and not I.

    No update tomorrow since I\'m needed to be social with my better half for a while. probably gonna sit in front of the TV with a gamepad in our hands.

    Pictures will hopefully be up either tomorrow night or wednesday evening.

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    Sweet...i want to destroy it! wanna play?

    Håkan säger att han inte får tag på dig över msn, sugen på att lira aporcalypse på fredag?

    The Bjorn

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    There, finally able to update. I\'ve lowered the turret and now I\'m a lot happier with the result, it is definitely more menacing now than it was before.


    and after:

    Sadly there\'s no time for a rant so I\'ll just post pics of the changes I\'ve made.

    And DaN, he just asked if I wanted to play a game of Apocalypse on friday. Not quite on topic but I can\'t say that that sounds like a bad idea! But if you feel like it you can always join in! On friday, in Karlstad here in sweden! ;)

    Time to exercise the old Wolves and kick some Ork butt!

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    Wow, this is really an awesome project - I\'m very impressed.
    I also like the lowering of the top of the turret because as you say yourself, it really makes the tank a lot more menacing. Keep up the insanity and the incredible quality of work ;)

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