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    Default How we met...a love story

    So with all the love going around on cmon these days...I thought I would ask the question...(besides, I have had a couple really stressful days at work and I need something to think of that makes me happy!!)

    How did you meet your true love? Where was your first kiss.:D Any interesting circumstances?

    Heres mine...

    Meg and I had been talking and talking and talking. We met over on the Reaper boards and realized that we had a LOT in common. So we reluctantly decided to do the dreaded LDR (long distance relationship) deal. Sadly, on the night that we discussed our feelings for each other and the ol \"lets give it a shot\" type deal, Megs brother was shot and killed. Under the circumstances I did not expect anything more to happen between fact I figured that nothing more would happen especially in the wake of such a tragedy. Well that didn\'t happen (much to my happiness!) and our relationship continued to grow. I found myself falling in love with a girl...a girl I had never met! So anyways, I finally decided I couldn\'t wait any longer and bought a plane ticket to Texas! Here\'s me at the airport waiting for Meg can you see the fear in my eyes...I was pretty confident that we would do ok but the unknown factors had my heart in my throat. That was the longest half our wait of my life let me tell ya...I mean what if she pulled up and then sped off. Yikes! What if she picked me up and I realized in the first 5 minutes that I didn\'t like her...holy crap what have I gotten myself into!!:

    So anyways, the brilliant plan that we had devised was that she would get out of the car, give me a hug and then we would get out of the airport (I had told her that I really didn\'t want our first kiss to be at an airport...of course when I saw her, I was like I CHANGED MY MIND, I CHANGED MY MIND...I\'ll take that kiss now!!) So thats just what we did. Quick hug...I grabbed my crap and we were off. We decided to hit Steak and Shake on the way home cuz I was starving (hadn\'t had anything to eat all day long). Once we got on the freeway I asked to hold her was so soft and she was so beautiful..I was trying to act cool, but it really wasn\'t working at all...I was just a dorky painter dude with a beautiful girfriend! So when we got to Steak and Shake, we walked up to the front door and stopped...she told me that she was glad I was there...and I kissed her. Right there in front of Steak and Shake. I guess it wasn\'t the most romantic of spots but yeah, thats where it happened. It was just a peck...just enough to get us comfortable with each other. If your ever in Texas, I\'ll take you back to the scene of the crime...the hamburgers are delicious!!
    My trip was for 5 days 4 you can see if the first night had gone sour...that would have been a really sucky and awkward trip for it turned out, we painted:

    I took Duffy out on many many poop breaks. How could you not love that dog...he\'s so cute!

    And we took family photos:

    Oh, and I even had my own bathroom!!

    When I finally got back to San Diego, I realized that I had actually taken more pictures of models and other hobby related stuff than of Meg, her house and the beautiful city of Denton Texas (it really is have to see it to believe it) I\'m such a dork...anyways. Thats my story, whats yours?:beer:

    Oh, and I am totally, totally in love with Meg Maples...I\'m so glad I finally found someone who is just like me! Here\'s to a long life together!:kiss:

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    I am terribly happy for you guys.

    Someone pass me a bucket please....

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    Ahh, to be young again... Wait, I\'m not that old am I? Oh well, not that young either. :drunk:

    Spiffified to hear you had a lovely encounter, anything that has painting in the middle can\'t be to bad (just don\'t start and/or end with the painting).

    @ Thunderhawker: You can have it when I\'m done. :drunk:

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    Awww.... :) I\'m so happy for you!

    Thanks for lighting up my day!

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    Glad you had fun! And I\'m sure it was just the enthusiast in you both that required you to take all the painting pictures. Besides, shouldn\'t be a shutter bug around those you love! Enjoy the moment!

    Now, now you two! None of this! Buckets? Shame, shame! Isn\'t there like a trough or ditch behind the Freak Bar you could use instead of sharing?

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    Oh sorry, heres your bucket TH!lol

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    Aaaawwwww! Baby! That\'s so sweet!

    I like your telling of the tale of our meeting!

    You didn\'t tell me though that you didn\'t expect anything to happen between us when Joe was shot. I needed you at that time more than ever. And hey, if we can get through that rough time together I think life will be pretty easy!

    I love you so much!

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    Default Now for the REAL Version!

    I was a member of the Reaper boards for several years. I was sort of a regular fixture around there kinda like I am here. Everyone knew me, I knew everyone so I would always note when a newcomer came on.

    Well this guy, Olliekickflip, starts looking around the site and posting critiques of Mistress Anne\'s work! :o Clearly this guy was new! You NEVER EVER do that! Anne was talking one day at paint club saying what a huge jerk this guy Olliekickflip was (so not kidding) and that he really needed to mind his p\'s and q\'s. So I figured he had said something to her to make her think that he really had no idea what he was talking about.

    Then he posts his first Reaper mini. It\'s pretty good. I\'m not totally sold on it but pretty nice. He was showing how to make a water base . . . cool!

    Well then he notices talk of Reapercon going on. That I\'m hosting several people and that I seem to know something about the event. So he starts PMing with questions saying that he\'s trying to convince a couple of international painters to go. Well the answers to his questions were ones that probably were best answered over the phone.

    I give him my phone number and the first call we end up talking for about 2 hours while he\'s at work!

    I thought, \"Wow, ok this cat is actually kinda cool. He sounds like he\'s 20 though! But I\'m sure he\'s some young upstart\" ;)

    Our conversations become regular about painting, things that have influenced us, people we like, flaws we see in the painting community and what could be done to foster an even better painting community than we already have!

    Then we start talking about us. That\'s when I find out he\'s (to quote DFD) an old dude! He\'s in his thirties with 2 kids (and 2 crazy ex wives!). Hmmm . . . well he seems like a nice enough guy. I really like him. I can\'t really write him off just because he\'s got 2 kids. There\'s gotta be explanations as to what happened.

    We continue talking and learning more about each other. The more we talk, the more we like each other.

    One night we talked for hours . . . maybe like 5 hours on the phone. I was telling him about my family and I said the dreaded words, \"You know I wouldn\'t really be THAT surprised if one day I got a phone call from my parents saying one of my siblings had gotten into serious trouble or had been shot\". The next morning I wake up, make breakfast and open up my email. My dad had sent an email informing me Joe was in the hospital. My world came crumbling down! I was in shock. I couldn\'t move. I stared at the computer screen reading and reading and reading the email thinking this was all just a sick joke or it was wrong or something . . .

    Aaron told me he\'d give me my space if I needed it. I thanked him for that but throughout the whole thing I did need him and his support even if it was just as a friend at that time. We emailed back and forth, his 7 year old son sent a letter to my 7 year old brother (weird huh?) talking about Joe dying. I called him a couple of times while I was home. I didn\'t want a tragedy in my life to halt a relationship that could be fantastic! I wanted to keep him around. I was already falling in love with him.

    Once I got back to Texas Aaron was still there for me. He was even worried when I wasn\'t eating or sleeping, when I was having nightmares. He would even call kinda late hoping that I\'d not answer the phone because I was asleep. Some nights I didn\'t answer but most I did because I was laying in bed wide awake unable to shake the vision of my 20 year old brother laying in his casket.

    As things got better for me and the grief started passing a little bit we decided he needed to come for a visit. He was going to be here in May anyway for ReaperCon but we thought it would be best if we met for the first time without a ton of people around. So he booked a flight for a long weekend stay and came for a visit!

    I was fine all day long until I started driving to the airport. The nerves didn\'t even kick in until I got onto I635 which is labeled DFW Airport! GAH! What if he looks like quasimoto? What if he has hygiene problems? What if he\'s super annoying?!

    I pull up to the airport and start driving the 10 miles (that\'s what it seemed like) to terminal E. I pull up to the curb but I didn\'t see him. I start calling and then someone startles me by coming to the driver said and says, \"Hi beautiful!\"

    We got his luggage packed away in the car, we start talking and the tension was there. Not so thick you could cut it with a knife but there definitely was some nervousness going on. We make small talk, he asks to hold my hand, then we stop for burgers at the fantastic Steak n Shake. He completely takes me by surprise when he kisses me! I thought for sure that would be coming later!

    It was nice though. Quick, soft, loving . . . ahhh I can relax now. This is going to be a GREAT weekend!

    And it was! I mean what more could a girl ask for? A great guy who sends me flowers when he feels like it, loves my cooking (he\'s even bragged to Bragon who says he\'ll fight Aaron for me!), treats me very well and he\'s almost as crazy as I am when it comes to painting!

    And the rest is still unfolding!

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    Yout two do know the problem with LDRs right?

    It\'s really kinda difficult to give a good backrub over the net or phoneline. You two realize this right.....:)

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    How sweet.

    And guys, you dont need a bucket for this story, you need insulin.


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    MD we are working on the backrub part!! Megs nails are just the right length...I so can\'t wait to go back to Texas!!:flip:

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    Originally posted by mud duck
    Yout two do know the problem with LDRs right?

    It\'s really kinda difficult to give a good backrub over the net or phoneline. You two realize this right.....:)
    yes yes I realize this. Aaron gives good back rubs too.

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    Humm, I\'m in my 30s, I paint minis, Judging from Olliekickflip\'s pic we even look similar... But I have 3 kids so doesn\'t that make me a better catch? (Sadly I only have had one wife and... well she\'s in the next room).

    Anyway, seriously, best of luck. :drunk:

    Naa, no insulin, just a good dose of \'glocoma medicine\' now to calm the tummy.

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    You daft old romantics...
    That\'s a lovely story.

    I\'ve been married twenty years next week - TWENTY YEARS :o
    It\'s not been all plain sailing and you\'ve got to work at it but it just keeps getting better.
    My missus is only 37 aswell. Imagine giving the best years of your life to a bum like me lol

    All the best guys and thanks for the ray of sunshine...

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    Logan what was she thinking lol!

    Yeah Aaron is totally robbing the cradle! Makes it nice though because I\'m not on the baby stint yet. We can have a glorious 7 years together really before my clock will start sounding!

    MPJ--mmmm you\'re still a good catch only if you are gainfully employed, don\'t have a huge chunk of debt, and are socially adept (some of the time)? But the whole currently married thing does make it difficult!

    You and Aaron look alike? I\'m curious now . . . hmmm . . .

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    Originally posted by fieldarchy
    Logan what was she thinking lol!

    Yeah Aaron is totally robbing the cradle! Makes it nice though because I\'m not on the baby stint yet. We can have a glorious 7 years together really before my clock will start sounding!

    MPJ--mmmm you\'re still a good catch only if you are gainfully employed, don\'t have a huge chunk of debt, and are socially adept (some of the time)? But the whole currently married thing does make it difficult!

    You and Aaron look alike? I\'m curious now . . . hmmm . . .
    Look \'alike\' not really... Similar I\'d say yes. There\'s a pic of me in my CMoN profile thingie (whatever you call it from clicking on my name). I am gainfully employed (IA also known as Stock Broker, until recently owned a small construction company) but sadly when the wife throws my arse out the alimony and child support will sink me for sure.

    Married my wifie when she was 20 (I was umm... 27) started dating her when she was 17 (well sorta, I wouldn\'t make any \'moves\' till she was 18). We\'ve been married almost 11 years now... Humm, math doesn\'t quite work, I must have been 26 when we got married.

    She hates me but in the most loving way... Or should that be \"She loves me but in the most hateful way\"... Either way it\'s all good. :drunk:

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    :beer: Meg and Ollie thanks for sharing.

    I had to laugh over the picture of Duffy, I know what he is thinking... “Hey Dude, just remember I”M top dog here!! now fork over a dog biscuit or else I pee in your shoes”:twisted:lol

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    Awwww, Schmoopy. :rolleyes:
    Thanks for sharing Ollie and meg. So, as a result of this post 2 things have come to mind:

    1. I sent my girlfriend (who i tricked into painting her first model) a post telling her just how much I love her and why.

    2. As a relative newb (in comparison to the posting freaks) it\'s really nice to get to \'know\' some of you folks a little more than what models you like and how you sling the paint. So honestly, thanks for sharing guys.

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    Awww pez your a big ol teddy bear ain\'t ya?

    Yeah I think it\'s great to know the people you talk to every day!

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    Just woow, that\'s a special story right there. kinda like something out of a film and of course has the fairy tale ending unfolding, but it\'s really good to know that when people have feelings for each other you can make it work, no matter how far apart you are, for that I totally applaud you both. Also made me think of some things in my life and a certain phone call I should make.
    I really hope things work out for the both of you.

    P.s 30\'s aint old!!!

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