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    just curious if anyone knows what colors could be used to make the purple gemstones like on this miniature?

    Looks like a dark purple basecoat with maybe pink highlights? If anyone has any idea what colors might have been used please let me know.


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    Start painting with dark purple, then add white bit by bit till light. If you don\'t have purple, you can mix red with blue.

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    You can also highlight purple with blue, but use thin layers and be careful you don\'t overwhelm it with too much blue or it will change the overall look to blue.

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    I have to say I\'m perplexed with this kind of question; this is just a tiny detail - try stuff! You could do 3/4 quick experiments with highlight colours on whatever purple you use as a base in less time that it took to boot the computer and start a new thread asking the question ;)

    And you\'ll learn more from doing those tests than you\'re likely to from the answers, even if someone knew the exact paints that were used on the mini in the link.


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    Well in my experience Liche Purple is one of the few colours you can add black to without it going muddy.

    Try Liche Purple basecoat add tiny drop of black and paint the top in inverted \"U\" shapes, Add more black and repeat as many times as needed.

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