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    Default [PROJECT LOG] Northern Lights Wood Elf Army

    Think Alaskan Wilderness - snow, ice, icicles, rugged terrain. There will be lots of clear resin, water effects, snow, etc.

    And to hopefully make them different from other winter themed armies, I am incorporating the aurora into it on the cloak backs and feature pieces.

    I want to keep the feel of the elves and all the detail in the models but make significant enough changes to warrant a closer look. All models will be converted in some way. This represents a big step for me as the most I have done prior to this is a weapon swap. ;)

    Since I haven\'t finalized an army list yet - I am starting on the core troop selections I know I need.

    There will be 2 units of 10.

    Looking at the glade guard bodies, I wanted to add a feeling of winter - instead of just painting them in a winter scheme. I looked at Eskimo style clothing and found what I feel is a good compromise.

    I have added a fur lined parka type hood, fur lined boots, fur lining under the arm greaves, fur collar, hid the torso connection by widening the belt, and fur lined the cloak.

    The cloak is only temporarily pinned in place to check the hood placement and I will be adding arrows to all the models with arms in this position which will pull the bow string tighter.

    I started a test scheme before trying any conversion to get a feel for the colours - using a heavy percentage of Foundation colours on this one. I kept the figures in muted tones, in comparison to the green/purple spring ones I tried before. I also used darker colours that would contrast well with the snowy bases. My goal is to attempt Best Painted Army at some of the NZ tournaments.

    Don\'t worry - as test models - this is simply a colour test and the final result will be better blended and more defined.

    Any and all C&C welcomed...

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    you have posted these pics already! get on with it!! i want to see him done!

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    I know - I just moved the thread over to the project log area....

    I am struggling with the aurora aspect. I tried painting three sample cloak tonight and none of them turned out how I wanted...maybe that\'s because I\'m not sure what I want...

    Fair warning - I am a slow painter - so progress will be a test for patience...

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    The aurora thing sounds like a pain in the ass, have you considered using some of the chameleon style paints? I think they\'re called interference or something. Delta made some, but their website looks like it changed since the last time I was there and can\'t find the article on them. They change color from different viewing angles, and might get the look you\'re after.

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    the aurora is gonna be a pain...
    it\' such a subtle translucent thing...
    everytime it comes out it\'s different...
    when it\'s strongest, it\'s almost transparent...when it\'s weak, it a more soild smudge...pictures i\'ve seen don\'t to justice to it\'s beauty, as watchin the lights dance is a huge part of the magic...

    why don\'t ya post some pics of your reference material here, then it\'s easier to give tips...

    good luck...


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    Thanks - we were just looking at it again tonight...I love the first one but perhaps a more simple design like the last two is in order...

    Reference pics are...

    Aurora Photos for color scheme:

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    Perhaps you could use the aurora colours on the trailing edges of the cloaks? So, for example, the basic colour of the cloak would be dark blue, highlighted normally, then you have the swirly pinky-greens of the aurora getting stronger as you go down, a bit like pic 3. I dunno, does that make any sense? ???

    PS: Loves the Digital Blasphemy coolness! I think I used to have that as my screen background. :)
    PPS: Shouldn\'t they be the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) Wood elves, seeing as you\'re in New Zealand? ???:P

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    Thanks for all the help - Finally got the aurora sorted out on the cloaks - it about drove me crazy but I am quite pleased with it now....what do you think! Some shapes lend themselves a bit better to this than others...

    PS: Southern Elves - possibly but both creative license and the fact that I am actually American mean I have an affinity for Alaska...LOL

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    well I believe the look is there now and you\'ll end up with a great looking army.
    One thing I would have considered more was the colors in general - they are really going to stand out in a winter landscape.

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    :bouncy: Lovely idea, colour look like they will work well, I wasn\'t sure on the fur at first but those cloaks work a treat for me,
    top job, and we want to see at least one finished one on this thread :D

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    Oooh nice! I\'ve been looking forward to an update on this.

    PS: I was teasing! :P

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    Tip top paint! can\'t wait to see more. ;)

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    Glad to see an update on this thread. We\'re definitely out of northern lights season up here. I\'ll check your painted renditions against the real thing here in 5 or 6 months. =P


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    good looking color scheme.
    Now get painting !!! ;)

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