salute 08,,,,,starting today ;p
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Thread: salute 08,,,,,starting today ;p

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    Default salute 08,,,,,starting today ;p

    hello :)

    ive been lurking for a while now, and have finally decided to post something,,or the start of something.
    As the title suggests, i\'m trying to get a model painted for the salute painting competition which is being held this saturday. Although i only started it today, so its going to be a struggle. Ive been painting for roughly 3 years now. anywho,,wat do you guys (and gals) think of he base so far? p.s. the model going on it is an ork stormboy, the idea is that he is lurking through an imperial place o some sort. pictures of the ork will come soon too :)


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    It looks really promising. I especially like the weathering of the metal, and the appearance of wear and tear of the blue part looks good too. The only thing I don\'t really get is what the circle is supposed to be - I guess it can\'t be part of something bigger since it\'s surrounded by the debris (which I assume you are still to paint).

    But keep it up - you are definitely better than I am, and I am looking forward to see the final result.

    Good luck with the competition.

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    looking good

    how did you do the numbers? wasit a stencil?


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    Yep - looks excellent so far

    Would also like to know how you did the numbering

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    i was going to airbrush and stencil the lettering,,,but i couldnt be bothered cleaning it afterwards,,,,,so i just hand painted it :)

    theres no special technique or way of doing it, just a steady hand and some p3 paint.

    the orc is half done for this ill take some pics prob by friday. but its definately on the right path for salute.


    p.s. thanks for the interest

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    looks very promising indeed!

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