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    hi guys
    slightly confused as to why my giant (after i updated it and it only just missed Bronze at the Conflict scotland this year) got a lower score then the original lol, even after about 14 hours more work
    can anyone give me any hints why this is? i cant seem to get a decent photo of it which probably doesnt help.
    heres the new one

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    For some reason I can\'t seem to open anybodies images today.. bugging the hell out of me...
    I saw it the other day and from what I recall I don\'t think the painting is the problem.. could be A the photo\'s are a bit distant.. always tricky to take in a larger piece and get the closer views in there for the painting nitpick.. Also I have noticed a lot of times that reposts generally get lower scores...just one of those things...

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    I\'d say your photos are letting you down... The very white background is really making it look quite harsh.

    Also, it seems to have caught some light from a camera flash in a few of the shots?

    On really close inspection, the painting looks really good but for normal voting, taking that long to inspect and see through the photography isn\'t usually on the cards.

    The only thing I would alter as such would be the base, it\'s very large and almost distracts the eye away from the nice painting without really adding much its self.

    I\'m not saying it\'s bad, just that your work on the mini is better and should stand out more.

    I really like it though, for what it\'s worth.

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    Cant seem to get an image to open, did you pull it down?

    but yes, bad photos can turn a 9 to a 6 very easy...

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    sorry about that, i tried to update the image after squidders said about the white making it look harsh and then had to upload a new one instead so the link is broken, heres the new version with the updated photo

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    The thing that throws me is this:
    one the base: to big. Though for a moment that the gaint itself was epic scale or something. Plus with all that open space, its destracting me from the \'story\' of the guy hiding and the giant. Looks nice but...
    two: the hiding guy. Didn\'t see him until it was pointed out in your paragaph that he was there, and then I still had to look for him. Ok I\'m not the sharpist pen in the drawer.... Show a close up of the guy.
    three: composition. The piece is very heavy to the viewer left (on the front shot) and the giant looks like he\'s going to fall off the base.

    fixes. Paint the hiding guy\'s shirt not brown (remember he\'s hiding from the giant, not the viewer). Center the giant, or turn him to his right say 45 degees. cut the base down, focus on the story not the surroundings.

    Other then that, on the painting it\'s looking good.

    As always just my two coppers.

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    Must concur with the base size people. It\'s so large you lose the giant and any other models along with it.

    Everything looks wet, on purpose or due to glossy varnish?

    On a related side note... My dwarf cannon and crew won in the open category at a Conflict event and only scores in the 7\'s on CMoN.

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