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Thread: Who are GW trying to Kid???

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    Default Who are GW trying to Kid???

    Well, when I got back from Salute in the early hours of this morning the first thing I tripped over was the new White Dwarf on the mat when I opened the door.

    Inside I find that GW are now going to release their own Airbrush/spray gun and canned air...

    Wait for it...

    The airbrush is an under slung bottom feed/suction jar and will cost £18

    To be honest it looks heavy and unwierldy for the hobby and the sort of thing you would use for body spraying cars.

    The air can/propellant looks about the same size as a nomal GW spray can of Chaos black/varnish and will cost £5 for the 400ml can.
    This is about right I guess as a 500ml can on a quick search using google comes in around £6 a can.

    The new washes that are going to replace the inks that they have removed from the shops is £15 for a set of 8 and it looks like their will not be a yellow ink.
    Colours would seem to be:
    Baal Red, Ogryn Flesh, Deylan Mud, Asurmen Blue, a Sepia along with 3 others I can\'t make out the names of but look like some sort of purple, green and black.

    And for those who really want to know how to paint Citadel Miniatures the new book will set you back £15

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    christ mate, you make me sound cheerfull lol

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    Originally posted by generulpoleaxe
    christ mate, you make me sound cheerfull lol
    Sorry Chris, meeting you on previous occassions must have rubbed off on me lollollollollol

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    Oh wow at long last i can really learn how to paint Citadel miniatures.

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    I\'m curious how the store staff will be prepped to tell people the useful application of this thing. I suppose for whole army basecoating or a tank it might be convenient. I can\'t imagine using it indoors, which is the main reason I avoid aerosol cans anyway.

    I really have no idea if the price point is good/bad so no comment there. The price in GBP is a little higher than the price in USD (after exchange rate, of course.)

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    would it be possible for someone to scan the add for the air brush..I need a good laugh lol

    I have spoke to some of the HM guys who have used the new washes and they say they are fantastic.. try flat and not shiny. But the lack of colors like yellow is puzzling.

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    Is it true that the airbrush is shaped like a flamer?

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    I guess it could be likened to a hand flamer although to me it never crossed my mind that, that was what it was supposed to be and doesn\'t really have the look of a hand flamer in my eyes.

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    And Drink :beer::drunk::beer:

    Haven\'t seen the airbrush, but I don\'t really need another one anyway - me badger works just fine.

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    Meg has it here. The are a business and this sort of thing is par for the course. And its true, they have been putting out better stuff than in the past, but for less money there are better alternatives (as of right now). Don\'t get me wrong, I love the Foundation Paints, and the new Piv Vise is so comfortable for those of us with big paws, but their regular paints are average to slightly above average, and the inks need to be (and are being) replaced. So, in general I think they are headed in the right direction, but I suspect the whole airbrush thing is gong to phase out rather quickly.

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    every appocalypse player buying a tank will buy one.. The amusing thing for me in all this is the staff are gonna have to learn how to use them otherwise the amount of kids buyig them and clogging them up is gonna be immense.....

    The Price has actually surprised as not been too bad for GW... I mean Pin vices run at £1 in local hobby shop and GW\'s are £8 so I was execting the airbrush to run into the £40 region... make no mistake it will sell..

    The inks I am looking forward to and again about the standard GW price.. The book I will buy .. I always do ... from what I\'ve seen o it it is pretty good..

    so all in all no real shocking revelations here...

    I guess the thing with GW is rather than try to please the 5764 artists who have galleries on this site.. They stick to pleasing the hundreds of thousands worldwide that are players of their tabletop game and thats the standard people want...

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    GW will still be able to sell far more of these things than one might think, especially if the combo looks like a boltgun, simply because it comes from GW and is available for sale in a GW shop.

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    DOes anyone know what they are going to do about paints for the airbrushes?

    I cant imagine them releasing a whole new line of paints for it , but not doing anything would be a catastrophe!

    If you could run GW paints through it i would be inlined to by one to save me thinning them for my own airbrush

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    Well I haven\'t seen the new WD yet (and it will be US version anyway) but I am surprised they call it \"airbrush\" in UK. They don\'t here, or not at least in NYC. They call it spray can for new washes or something to that nature.
    THose of them who actually use airbrush, added that it could be used for SOME things that airbrush does. Pretty much, the idea is to use this device as a universal replacement for all these spray cans that had been discontinued several years ago.

    The main use, I assume would be - painting \"endless swarms\", IG companies and other things of that nature. It you take a fancy to paint 120 gaunts in one weak .....
    However... I yet to see the piece to form any opinion. On paper it sounds very useful for some applications, but you know, communism also looks great on paper :)

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    Looks kinda cheap, but comfortable...
    Easier to use then a spray can (less overspray/wasted paint on the walls of the spray box) I can see little Jimmy using this and painting the back wall of his bedroom in chaos black :D Or some kid playing guns and spraying the neighbor/ sibling in the face....
    Who knows, it may be just the thing?

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    I heard about this when i was in southport games workshop. The manager explained it too me but i wasn\'t paying much attention, i think its going to primarily for a second basecoat as mentioned before. I think he said the coats will be a lot more even/thin than that of a spray can. may have some uses i guess.

    I also heard the new inks will be a lot thinner than previous inks and that they tried to make them less glossy, practically useable from pot to quote the manager

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    Next thing is GW will release a Shtty stick for £25.00 and Imperial Eagle quilted bog paper for £8.00 a roll.

    Nothing surprises me, BTW do we still drink when there is a GW bashing thread (I\'ve been away a while). I have a crap bottle of Hock waiting to be chugged.

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    Yes we do, Steelcut already started. :drunk:

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    It does look comfortable. Far more so than my double actions and singles. (I have four, slightly less expensive models, but they work just fine for what I use them for). And, as I have said before, I am a whore for all things paint related, so I will likely grab one. Especially since its looks like a flamer. I wonder how many folks with more money than sense will use the body of the thing for conversions.

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