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    Hye guys, I made an article for the site, but when I used the wrong image tags and when I tried to fix them something went horribly wrong... I think there is a rogue piece of html floating around in there as the article is now a link after a certain point. Now I think I\'ve corrected the mistake in word, it doesnt think it\'s a link anymore at least, but I cant get back into the article editor without my browser freezing... I sent supervike a message, but he logged off before I got a response... Anyone else have any idea what I should do?

    Also I\'m still not sure what image codes I need to use in the articles...

    OK. I sorted out the formatting issues, managed to get in with firefox and paste the corrected version over the last. So now my only problem is that I don\'t know which image tags I should be using... I tried the [img] tags, but those didnt work... could someone let me know how to get them to show up?

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    Have you deleted the spaces before/after the tag\'s brackets?

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    There are no spaces in there... as far as I can tell those tags are right, I think I need to use a different type of image tag all together...

    The image tags work if I use them in the forums... Ugh. A little frustrated but oh well...

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    There is a Graphic User Interface in the Submit Article Page.
    Try that it\'s as easy as submitting an image to Coolminiornot.

    Unfortunately I\'m at work so I don\'t have the time to sort it out for you.

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    Ok, thanks DR. I\'ve got almost all the images up now, should be done right away. Thanks for your help.

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