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Thread: Deviantart or equivalent ?

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    Default Deviantart or equivalent ?

    Just wondering if anyone had any links to sites where they might display their own non-mini-related art?

    ie. I have some of my efforts on deviantart

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    I\'ve heard the guys and gals over at

    Outcast Studios

    are pretty cool!

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    Hmm ok - but do YOU have an account there? :P

    I mean art from people who frequent the forums here at CMoN :)

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    I\'ve got an account but didn\'t posted anything yet... maybe in near future. But I would love to see your gallery DaN the link that you gave doesn\'t work for me for some reason.

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    If you do Sci-Fi Fantasy there is Elfwood. I\'ve always liked that site:

    There was a really good one if you did your art on PC, called CGARtist, but it appears to be down and notes a re-launch on their home page (didn\'t know it was gone until I just tried to verify the URL):

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    You need to be member to see all my paintings, but on profile you can get an idea:


    I can\'t open your link DaN?

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    I\'d forgotten to put \" .com \" at the end of the link, that\'s all...

    I\'ll edit it now...

    EDIT: Link fixed

    @Jake - nice :)
    Some good stuff there - do I detect some Aztec/Mayan influences in there? :)

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    I\'m on Flickr, for my photo\'s. But I\'m nowhere near as good as some of the other photographers on this site.

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    Jake? You mean me? Cause there\'s no one else with a kind of similar name I asume its me.

    On the influence...yes and no. Well its not mayan aztec. Funny thing is I started to paint this way when I started not to think while painting (I did too much thinking before and never got a work done). Now I just start with a line and then go on...freestyle...and only in the end make some extras to get faces or other things.

    After painting this way for a while friends of mine told me the same you did. They said I\'m influenced from Mayan Aztecan culture. So I made some research at library. I have found some similar looking art in a book about Canadian Indians (Haida). I was completly shocked.
    Since that time I looked at more of their artwork and searched for contemporary artists. One of the most inspiring artists I found is Robert Davidson:

    Davidson Homepage

    So I guess its one of my influences now?

    If you\'re interested here are some other great artists/illustrators I really like:
    Steve Prescott
    Mike Mignola
    William O\'connor
    Steve Argyle
    Larry Macdougall
    Shepard Fairey
    Lucy McLauchlan
    and many more...

    Well I can\'t look at your link here at work Dan, but I\'m looking forward to check it out at my home later!

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    Got a link Matty?
    I\'ll presume you use a variation of the your username but I don\'t know Flickr, so...

    @Jike Ichi - Yeah, didn\'t realise it was J-i-ke and not Jake :)

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    There you go Dan.

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    Ta Matty - I like \'em - I particularly like the architecture - especially the arches.

    Newcastle, Durham and York all have some lovely old buildings don\'t they - what was the lion head knocker on?

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    Erm...the bank of the Thames IIRC Just down from St Pauls.

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    This is my Deviantart page, but there isn\'t a lot there at the moment. I never seem to have time to sit and doodle, either on the pc or irl. :(

    I\'m pretty pleased with the photos, tho. I really must remember to take my camera out with me more.

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    Originally posted by DaN
    Hmm ok - but do YOU have an account there? :P

    I mean art from people who frequent the forums here at CMoN :)
    Yeah, I post on there pretty regularly.

    Mister_Space_Marine is my name on there.

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    Sorry Typhus, but could you post a link?
    I don\'t know how to search for other members on there yet...

    Cheers for the comments Amazon Warrior :D

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    My first post had the link in it, but here it is once more.


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    Sorry bud, I thought you meant another site cos there\'s nothing showing up in your gallery

    (All I can see is something about a stencil for airsoft (Which is pretty good though))

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    Ah, we\'re talking galleries?

    I thought you were looking for some kind of forum to post your stuff.

    I\'ve got to read more carefully. :drunk:

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