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    Okay so its been quite some time since I have posted any Wips in here but I always get honest opinions from you guys. That being said, I need to know your guys honest, truthful opinions with this guy. Is the weathering and battle damage too much, not enough, wrong, etc. And please let me know how the overall mini looks so far. Thanks a lot guys, I truly do appreciate any comments.

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    it sucks...... :)

    no really...looking good man, not too much at all with the battle damage. I think its just right and looks great. Good job with the mini over all so far.

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    It\'s great. Simply great. (I love Nurgle)

    The weathering is really good, but I assume the mini is not finished yet, since it is quite monchrome. It needs some contrasting areas of some kind.

    An idea: How about adding small streaks of thinned down paint at the bottom of some of the scratches to hint at their age: they are old and have gathered all kinds of nasty stuff that is now running down the armour?

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    Yeah the mini is far from complete. I posted him in a different forum and everyone thought the backpack was staying the same color it is now and gave me a lot of negative comments about how monochromatic he is. I plan on making his backpack one big hunk of rusty metal and same with his gun. I like your idea about adding thin streaks of paint at the bottom of the scratches. What color would you suggest?

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    Not wanting to sound like a bad thing (Especially as it\'s a nurgle marine :P) But it has a \"dipped\" look to it - I presume you used a lot of washes?

    Looking good so far :)

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    really nice work so far. I think the best piece my eye picked out was he right hand greeve. Really great contrast and very smooth blends. The battle damage is totally appropriate for nurgle. It doesn\'t overpower the mini or dominate my view of the piece, it just gives that rotten battle damaged feel.

    The only small detail i noticed is that the lighting seems inconsistant on his right shoulder. The shoulder looks like it was highlighted from a overhead source where as the rest of the model looks like the light source is coming from more of an angle. Please know this is a nit-picky kind of detail and overall you have a really great looking piece far better than anything I could do at this point. :)

    Anyway, I hope this helps.
    Also, I have a couple WIP threads I just finished up. Any comments you feel like leaving would be great.

    Thanks! Can\'t wait to see how great this guys ends up!

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    As DAN mentioned, that back pack looks \'dipped\' right now, but if you\'re working on it, then I\'d say you\'re right on track. Awesome!

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    My original plan was to do the whole marine in that dirty green color but after getting started I realized that it would have been to mono which is why the backpack looks dipped. It does have a very heavy wash which I applied over the whole mini but left it alone due to changing my mind later. I really do appreciate all the comments and hopefully will have more pics for you very soon.

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    really lovely (if you can say that about a nurgle thing). Did you cut out any af the battle dammage or is it painted on (and if so please give instructions on how to)?

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    Okay so I have some kind of NMM on the trim but not sure if its gold or copper or what. I will be adding some slash marks too but I have a question for you guys. Should I add some kind of corrosion like torqoise or something. If so, how in the world do I do it without messing it up? Maybe I shouldnt at all huh? Bah, I dont know. I need some serious help now lol. By the way the backpack and gun are not finished.

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    I took the liberty of copying and making some suggestions on where I would place any verdigris on the model.
    Hope it helps

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    After I posted those pics last night I went back to the desk and started playing around with the corrosion and battle damage on the trim for this Death Guard. It was way too late to be posting more pics after I completed it, so I didnt, and went to bed. I come back on this morning to check out the thread and wouldnt you know it? Dragonsreach has come into my house, over night, and stolen my Death Guard just to take some pictures and claim that he had suggestions on how to do it.

    No, seriously though, I almost thought that I had posted my most recent pics last night without remembering a thing about it. Thanks for the suggestion and hopefully I did it right. I really should have waited to check the thread for help before I went on my own this time.

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