Ral Partha 1983 Cold Drake Dragon
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    Here\'s my next mini. I used simulated glass rubies for the eyes. The base consist of 4 25mm bases with a 40mm base on top of them and then the flock of frozen rocks, snow and dry grasses. To see all the angles for the dragon you can find all the pictures here:


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    Voted and commented.


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    The base sounded alright in concept, but once I had it complete it just looked odd and out of place. I guess we learn from our mistakes.

    I want to start making some real scenic bases, but I have a question for everyone. If you make a slate rock scenic base, obviously you would want to take the Ral Partha metal base that is molded with the figure off? What is the best way of doing this? Filing it off? and once off how would be the best way to secure the figure to the slate rock? I would think gluing only would not be a very strong bond. Would you need to drill the rock and the feet and pin it before gluing?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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