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Thread: Recovering WoW Addict- give me that push!

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    Originally posted by Elly3438
    Blizzard billionaires (12.95 a month times 5 million subscribers... PER MONTH...)
    Thats just my sour take on that whole business...
    cheers :beer:
    Multi-Billionaires... they are at over 10 Million Subscribers, and 12.95 is the discout rate if you buy more then a month at a time. If you pay by Time Card you are paying closer to $15 a month.

    What really gets me is they make roughly 150 million a month, but then still have balls to charge for their Expansion packs. Come on now. If anything will get me to quit playing it will be another paid expansion.

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    Congrats these kind of things can be very addictive and the first month is the hardest after that its all about staying focused on what you want rather than what you think you want. Good luck man as someone with an addictive personality i have had similar issues with a lot of games/habits and the only thing that has ever 100% worked is going cold turkey and staying that way.

    Good luck for the future

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    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I go through little spells of urges to play. They only last about maybe 20 minutes, but they usually happen when I\'m really bored. Lately I\'ve been too busy with finals and projects for the ending school year to really get bored.

    In my freetime I have been painting more and reading about techniques and so forth. Needless to say, I am getting better at it and I\'m having more fun than I would be playing WoW!

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    Yeah your doing well so just hang in there, believe me when I say this, but your be a lot happier in a couple of months. Back when I quit I was lucky that the football season started over here so I was able to go up to London to watch my team play at home a fair few times or I was able to watch them on TV (something I didn\'t want to do when I was playing wow, how sad was that!!), you just need something that takes over the play time, so model painting is a great thing to use.

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    I was never addicted to video games. The only one I\'ve even played in the last decade was DOW original. It just doesn\'t do much for me. Occasionally I would spend more than an hour playing and feel lousy for it. I always was more of an outdoorsman though, but I can honestly say my wife is a great antidote to any potential addictions. She is so much more fun than anything I can think of (and it\'s usually pretty easy to get her frisky :twisted: ). So make your relationships an art form and pursue them relentlessly, they\'re life\'s healthy addictions.

    I have quit Smoking recently!!! :bouncy: After 16 years I finally quit. It was my only addiction. It\'s been 31 days without one and I don\'t even want one. I feel great. Drop the gaming dude get outdoors, love a woman, live life.

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    Videogames can be lethal. I\'ve played more than my share. Used to do massive eight hour or so stints and I don\'t care what anyone says, I (and those close to me) noticed a real shift in my behaviour after long sessions. I\'d be really manic and short-tempered.
    Now I limit myself to things that I can do with the family. That\'s why the Wii is great - it\'s just like playing a big interactive boardgame.
    I purposely shunned WOW \'cos I knew I\'d get sucked in. You\'ve done the right thing. Now you can spend all your time on CMON, sat in front of a computer screen, talking with people you\'ll never meet lol

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    I noticed the same thing Logan, and that\'s just an 8 hour \"shift.\" With EQ, rarely but it happened where I would spend triple that in front of the screen... not my most honorable moments~ I was very irritable and manic also, it\'s all around just not worth it to play those types of games, there needs to be an \"end\" for me to play it now, a completion of some sorts... I refuse to be stuck in the Skinner-box of an MMO ever again~

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    Well I\'m selling the account now. I\'ve said my goodbyes to my online friends and such. Now I just need to know how to sell it.

    I\'m planning on using the money I get from it to do something good for myself. I\'d really enjoy using it to learn how to paint better.

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    Well, I sold the account! I made a sweet $200.00. I feel great. Now I\'m going to buy a sweet new demon army. I\'m loving this!

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    You did the right thing by selling it, but can I ask how you did. See, I have my old account still and I want it GONE!:cussing:

    Now, after three months without WoW, I have lost all the weight I gained and then some, and am getting into shape to go into the profession I have always wanted to. The Marines. Also, I have gotten into a relationship with the most BEAUTIFUL woman I have ever met, and have all the time in the world for her. She also supports my miniature gaming(which is a BIG plus), but would kill me if I got back into MMO\'s, which will keep me away from them.

    I\'m glad you were able to quit, and just stay away from ANY others. ANY!

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    Funny, I played the trial of WoW and just had no interest...
    I managed to break all my kit and got sick and tired of having to find my body again!

    I played SWG for a while till it just got wasted by NGE, FFXI I hardly visit anymore... Can\'t really be arsed with all that now, too busy with work and partying! Havn\'t even been able to pick up a brush for some time now.

    Hopefully I can remedy that soon enough when i\'m not working and sober... Which isn\'t very often these days lol

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