Miniature Mentor releases Basic Sculpting Tutorial
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Thread: Miniature Mentor releases Basic Sculpting Tutorial

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    Default Miniature Mentor releases Basic Sculpting Tutorial

    Miniature Mentor releases Basic Sculpting with Christophe Letellier. The first release in a series of in-depth video tutorials on miniature sculpting will teach you the basics of sculpting. Available in download format, this 2 hour video tutorial features the making of a sword and sheild.

    Dark Sword Miniatures and Miniature Mentor team up to bring you the Ranger. Sculpted by Jeff Grace and painted to perfection by Jennifer Haley this title will be available this summer. Watch for it!

    Miniature Mentor is the world's first online training library dedicated to the art of miniature painting and sculpting. Our tutorials showcase the skills of some the industry's best artists like Allan Carrasco, Dimitri Peyrard, Laurent Expostio Mas, Julien Casses, Mathieu Fontaine and Romain Van Den Bogaert

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    Instead of posting more products, deal with the customers that are not happy already, instead of ignoring them.

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    I\'m happy with my subscription, keep m coming :)

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