Detectives, Robots and now Mad Science!
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Thread: Detectives, Robots and now Mad Science!

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    Default Detectives, Robots and now Mad Science!

    Couple of entries for the Lead Painters League painting competition.

    The Detectives

    Professor Casenut’s Robot Research
    Comments and votes welcome


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    Very. Very. Cool.

    Who can resist a thread with a title like that?

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    very cool. love the feel of those minis

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    My favourite is the shit robot second from the right. He looks really pissed off at being so rubbish!

    Who makes the figs?


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    Thanks :)

    Originally posted by Spacemunkie
    Who makes the figs?

    They are from Left to Right (on the screen)

    Robot - Black tree Design Dr Who Range
    Robot - Pulp Robot from Rattrap
    Doctor - BTD Dr Who range
    Robot - BTD Dr Who Range (With the sad \"face.\" Casenut\'s early model)
    Robot - Future Wars Power Trooper from EM4[/quote]

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    All 10 models look sweet, the detective in the brown coat looks like a proper old school detective.

    And it feels tight on the large robot, looking all sad because he is crap haha.

    Nicely painted models well done :beer:

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    very good paimting - and cool minis

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    Good stuff, as always!!

    You seem to get more painted in a week than I can in a year!


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    Those are awesome. I really love the detectives, but I think the professor has a ton of character. =)

    The plaid skirt is simply brilliant, too. I love the cartoony feel of both sets.

    Well done!


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    Now some Mad Science

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    All brilliant again. Some of these companies should be employing you....

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    I\'m glad I looked at this thread! It\'s a Foundry style, but I\'ve always kind of liked that. Do you work or have you worked for Foundry?

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    Thanks for commenting :)

    Originally posted by reverend
    Do you work or have you worked for Foundry?
    Er, no. Actually never painted for any company :)

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    bout time you did then!

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    You just seem to get taht perfect cartoony fell to those minis - brilliant

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    bout time you did then!
    Aye, I concur!

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