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    Default Orc WIP

    Hey Folks,

    Been a while since i last posted (gotta love marriage >_<)

    Im a newish painter, painted on and off for a year or so. I have completed maybe 12 models in total. This is my first in about 4 months.

    This will be for a local painting competition im entering to get feedback and kicks.

    I am going for a dark gritty feel, i will not be painting the armour black though (prob against the rules of the fluff seeing as its a \'black\' orc).

    First off - sorry for the pic. I would like feedback as to the following.
    -Is there enough contrast ?
    -Would painitng red armour be a no no on a black orc?

    Any tips crits or comments are welcome, i will be posting regular updates on this dude as teh deadline for the comp is in 2 weeks.

    PS in case u are wondering only the face is complete >_<



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    I\'d think that some red, say a shoulder pad, would be ok. maybe have it \"rusting\" off (scratchs and what nots).
    Add a highlight to the teeth and the eyes?

    Looking good so far.

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    Good so far keep going:D

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    Good work.

    I think the contrast is good, but if you want to strengthen it a bit, you could add a highlight along cheek-bone and ear - it really depends if the mini is to be subtle and enjoyed up close or if is to stand out effectively on a tabletop. The teeth should probably have a white dot or so.

    I think red would be a good choice for armour as it is the complimentary colour for green, but I would recommend a dark red colour working from the black undercoat and not going too bright on it. Rust/weathering would also help, or you could add checkers/dags or some other simple geometric shape to break the even surface.

    Looking forward to see what you come up with.

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    look fine

    I\'d do a further highlight on the face too

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    nice work so far, i would increase the highlights a little though.

    What mini is it?.


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    Originally posted by wilks
    -Would painitng red armour be a no no on a black orc?
    Hey it;\'s your model, Paint it Yellow with Blue dots if that makes you happy.
    (And I\'m at work so can\'t see anything hosted on Imageshack) :(

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