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    Last week i posted this mini


    however i was dissappointed with the score it got so my qustion is. how could i improve it ??


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    ATM - 7.3 - isn\'t bad for what\'s showing here. The great parts are the metals and the cloth. Very well done and smoothly painted.

    I see two areas for improvement. Overall increase in contrast (which increases sense of depth) and smoothness on the skintones and the hair.

    Hair is tricky, maybe that\'s why I do orks mainly - no hair! - but I\'d look at some other, higher scoring models to see about exactly how to do that. Right now it looks a little chalky (maybe from drybrushing? _ I\'m guessing here).

    As far as contrast issues, after looking at it further, you could use better deliniation between parts. The black lining looks a little messy in some places. Pushing your dark areas darker might be enough (without having to increase highlights) to add the depth needed, like between the fingers, edges of the hair/shoulders, hand and shield. Part of that could be from a less than perfect cast too, I can\'t tell from the painted version.

    Like I said, pretty good overall - maybe start with darkening the shadows as s first step.

    Good Luck!

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    Looking at your voty link, I could find nothing I could do better in painting, but it struck me that the depth of the colours of the photograph were a bit flat. maybe you should either work on your photography (lighting and so on) or try to compress the image in some other way than you have done.

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    without seeming to be mean mate (just good critique to help you)

    the shadows need to go darker (use a contrasting colour in the mix as it will darken it quicker and then add a little blue for the last tweeks as it will add a sense of extra depth.

    the hair needs to be lighter in the highlights (especialy on top as that looks like you lighting source) with the shadows enhancing.

    the nmm needs the glare spots adding, that\'s all it\'s missing realy (some extr4a colours for tonal change would be cool but not necassary)

    skin, the highlights need tweeking but not by much so that they soft and feminine.
    the shadows need bringing out more, try a red with green tmixed in for the darker parts to cool the redness down.

    try and get a little colour under the cheeks and the bridge of the nose (be subtle here or she will look like a bloke in drag)

    the base is good mate, it just needs a little more adding to it.
    the vines could do with being extended up the column, this will tie the column into the base a little more.

    the grass could do with some longer lenths at the centre of the tufts as this will look more natural then (include some brown washes to tone the grass down with a little of the main colour used on the model.
    then a subtle dry brush of khaki to bring it out a bit.

    the blacklining does need to be a little neater mate, but don\'t worry, that will come with time and practice.

    i\'ll be at gd uk mate (not competing tho) so bring some pieces along and i\'ll be happy to have a chat and talk you through these things in person as it will be easier to understand then.

    hope it helps james :)

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    I noticed that the skin on the face is a bit lighter than the rest of the mini so you could do with a lil bit of a highlight on the surfaces facing up. Also on close inspection there appears to be a tiny line of skintone on the top of the back of the left (from the front) boot.


    (the cape would look great a lil bit lighter, only a tiny bit though =)

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    Before someone else says it, the face being lighter may be deliberate, as in the \"Jesus Effect\".

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    cheers guys.

    Yeah dont worry fire away be as harsh as you like.

    @Generul: i should be coming to GD this year and this time ill hopefully manage to not miss the meet up!

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    Originally posted by Thecadian
    cheers guys.

    Yeah dont worry fire away be as harsh as you like.

    @Generul: i should be coming to GD this year and this time ill hopefully manage to not miss the meet up!
    if need be mate keep an eye out for me as i don\'t blend in to many crowds that easily.

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