A Rant: What do I have to do for an eight around here?
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Thread: A Rant: What do I have to do for an eight around here?

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    Default A Rant: What do I have to do for an eight around here?

    I\'ve seen some minis that were ranked 8 that I thought should have been 7. I\'ve seen some 7\'s that should have been ranked 8. Yeah, I know what you\'re thinking \"Chrispy can never be happy with his votes, everytime he puts something up, he whines and whines...\" Well, I for one feel it\'s better to get this off my chest rather to have it build and build and build... I just want people to recoginize me now, while I am painting because soon Ill have to get a job, go to college and other things and I\'m not going to have any time to practice. Again, I think people who vote are EXTREMELY biased, and are voting lower on a new no-name they assume is an amatuer OR they see a better paint job than theirs and they vote it lower so they can get higher. I\'m not asking for much, nor almost anything. I\'m just asking people see me for once in awhile and let me think I\'m special....

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    Default I accept cashier\'s checks and money orders, no personal checks please.

    It also comes down to fashion. Once you get past 7, you get down to things like personal preferences.

    Does the voter prefer blue or yellow?
    Is the mini painted in the current fashion (NMM, bright, smooth colours)
    How does the voter rate things. I give a 5 to what I consider RaF, which is a far sight above what most people consider RaF, meaning I generally vote lower.
    Finally, have the same people voted on your miniature then have voted on the one you are comparing yours to. I\'ve been around a week or so now, I\'ve voted on 1400 miniatures, there are 3500+ on this site.

    I also do this while I\'m at work and spend an average of 5-6 hours ranking miniatures.

    Which also means some miniatures may not get accurate votes from me if I\'m too lazy to consider, or accidentally hit the wrong number.

    If you want to know what makes a miniature truly great, look at the miniatures you love, look at art.

    Bring your miniatures to an art teacher and ask for their opinion regarding colours, mood, composition.

    These are things that laymen can\'t name, but will still react to.

    Specifically ask for feedback from people you like, either painters you like, or people you feel will give you honest feedback, and at least can articulate why they feel the way they do, whether or not they can paint.

    Heck, look for people who you know can\'t paint, but rank other people\'s work the same way you do.

    People struggle so hard to articulate their feelings and ideas through painting and art because they have trouble articulating those ideas through words.

    I hope that helps. I\'m gonna go and rank all your miniatures now, and give comments where I can.

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    Default Ok, I will tell you...

    Before write this, I did a little tour for your minis.
    I think that in part you are right, and someones give lower marks because they have lower ones, or that they have some \"preferences\", like NMM over metalic paints because is the \"Hot thing\".
    But this is only a little part, if you have more than 250 votes and an average of 5.6, then those guys that have preferences or are not \"fair\" are the less.
    And I can assure you that they are not so much \"biased\" against new guys, I\'m new, I have just 3 posts, and I have scores that I consider really fair.

    I think that the principal problem with your scores are NOT in your minis, but in your presentation.
    If you see the ones (from other people) that have good points, apart from the mini, they have a clean presentation and a VERY good image quality. People is not going to expend time trying to imagine what it is suppose to look like your mini. ???

    For example your Berserkers - Squad Leader Belial, it looks like you used some good time in it, with the base and all, but the black background and the red glow is just killing it! And the image is out of focus...
    Or your High Elf Mage on Barded Steed, looks like a very good mini, but... but... I can hardly see the stars in the cloak, the image is also out of focus, I have to guess the sword, the light is comming from the wrong side, I can\'t see the face. It can have easely and 8, if people were able to see it!

    Man, an 6 for a mini painted in 4 hours is awesome.

    I\'m a graphic designer, and I can tell you: presentation sells.
    And don\'t worry, if you star working or something, sooner or later you will be back.


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    I did what I said and rated your miniatures. I tried to comment, but after the first two I didn\'t want to keep repeating:

    Better pictures. The first difference I see between your miniatures and Jen Haley\'s is that she\'s a better photographer.

    What feedback I can give you is this. Your newer stuff is a vast improvement over your older stuff. You\'ve gone from drybrushing to blending. You\'ve gone from blending to smooth blending.

    Work on composition and better pictures and you\'ll gain a point or two.

    Look at your miniatures in the mirror and find what can be made better.

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    Default Weeellll, Daniel son

    Donot despair. I have been around here longer I thnk, and apart from the nice people I have met (most of whom I respect as painters, people and parents??) my art goes on basically unnoticed as well. I t does piss me off but I am realizing why I paint minis more and more. I am starting to do some work professionally but damnit, I will not become a bastardized artist for two bit paint jobs. I mean I will do the work but it is not *why* I paint miniatures. There are a lot of painters on this site that think they are really cool stuff because they have EBAY accounts and everybody knows their name but frankly, it does not effect *why* I paint. The space marine jockeys who like to vote here (or so it seems) don\'t ruin it for me anymore. The fact that I don\'t like Celtois and the fact that Celtois minis don\'t even look like Celts (it was pretty wet and chilly in Scotland and Europe in general last time I checked) doesn\'t effect *why* I paint.
    I agree that presentation is important but some of the *artists* on this site should be graphic designers as opposed to mini painters as their pics look awesome but their painting sucks. It is a shame they are rated on this presentation as opposed to prowess with the brush. I think your work has improved a lot and i want to see Chrispyer (no pun intended) pics of your new ones.
    Like I said, my favorite painter does not post anything here (or anywhere other than his site incidentally).
    There, now I have had a little rave as well.
    PS Giant sized Batman busts ARE NOT minis! In fact, I don\'t consider 120mm (a whopping 4.5 times as large as my average mini) figures minis either. :D

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    Yeah I\'m going to have agree, the fact that large NON-minis get high ratings is absolutely infuriating. And the fact that people use cheesy effects to get their rating up is also childish. Now some people take good pictures and that\'s cool, and some people can paint, that\'s great. But all the diorama of pictures and the shocking effects ... don\'t let them fool you. The minis look like crap. Vote for the mini not the childish image editing.

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    Originally posted by ZaPhOd
    I agree that presentation is important but some of the *artists* on this site should be graphic designers as opposed to mini painters as their pics look awesome but their painting sucks. It is a shame they are rated on this presentation as opposed to prowess with the brush.
    Hey, just to have things clear, I\'m not advocating in ANY way the use of effects/filters in your or any presentation. My point is that Your images have to be more clear, better photos, better light, sharpher closeups, etc.
    And yes, I agree, your skills are improving vastly.
    And about the big models (no way I\'m going to call them \"minis\"), they are good, but they need they own category, that\'s all.


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    Well you know what else I\'d like to see - you click \"Top Artists\" and have filters... like so you could look only at the Confrontation painters, and the 40k, and so on. It\'s really pathetic that most of the top 50 is people who paint a certain brand of mini and then they use NMM. Not that I\'m bitter, I know our pics need work. But still, unless I spring for Confrontation minis, I\'ll always be a small fry on this site :)

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    I have no problem with that and I like Reaper Damn it! Hey it is cheap ok...

    As to NMM well I am trying the technique since I find it intriguing and I have been trying many a things I have read about here... oh and my painting has improved in two weeks... so unhappy I am not...

    Oh and if you are happy with your pieces you did a great job!


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    Default Hi Drodo

    I was just saying that images need to be good and clear and maybe even color and contrast adjusted but they don\'t need fancy backgrounds and lightning effects and all of that. I could put moons and clouds and lightning behind all of my figures and probably get a slightly higher vote butfrankly, I don\'t have the time.

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    There is a bust somewhere of a space marine and it is not well painted.

    Just because they are larger doesn\'t mean they take less skill. You can blend on small surfaces much easier then a rally smooth blend on a large, smooth surface.

    Yes, they are often very impressive, but they still take skill. Those of you who are worried that their 25mm masterpiece gets a lower score then a 54mm masterpiece needs to remember what this place is about.

    CoolMiniOrNot is designed to be a fun way to show your picture and/or vote your opinion of pictures submitted by users of this website
    It is not the end-all be all of ranking. If you really want to compare your work to others, go participate in a painting competition.

    Yes, if we can specify we want to view historical, sci-fi or fantasy, we should also be able to specify what scale we want to see. Just don\'t be upset when the scratchbuild 1:16th scale Dreadnaught scores higher then your precious.

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    Default ratings

    Here\'s what I\'ve noticed about ratings... and some things that might help you improve your ratings.

    1.) paint something Rackham. People always rate Confrontation figs higher for some reason.
    2.) paint something large/expensive. Again, these get higher ratings for some reason.
    3.) use NMM. People like this a lot... granted its cool, but not that terribly difficult to do.
    4.) Make a scenic base, even if its innappropriate for the miniature. The \'spotted mushroom theory\' and \'water hazard\' theories apply.

    I hope these little observations help.


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    Dang, but I hate mushrooms. I can see the occasional mushroom on a fantasy Orc base, but that\'s all.

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    Coyote I have noticed that, as well. If a mini is from certain manufacturer it will do better. Rackham in this case followed to a point by GW.

    Now as to your comment about basing, at least in my view if a mini IS NOT based it is not finished. Now there are apropriate bases and inapropriate baess, but basing is part of it.

    Now here is another observation: Sci fi in general will not do as well as fantasy, and vehicles will definitely not. As to the larger models, give me a break folks it is larger than 25 mm does not count? Then all the GW models do not count either, they are 30 mm European scale. So do not even go there folks. Yes larger models look far more impresive when well done... but look just as bad when not well done.

    Anyway, that is my view... oh and picture quality does make a diference.


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    Default Reawakened..

    I\'ve rekindled my orignal rant in light of the recent depriciation of my newer work.. First off, vote on the bottom pic on the Crappy Mini or not Elf!!! No, you get no choice, I\'d think some of you would have more IQ than to vote on the lesser fig, rather than the newer, better one. Second, Thanks for the mad haters who ruined my Cyanur! That used to be 8.5!! Now it\'s barely an 8! Yes, I\'m frustrated. After about six years of painting and a lifetime of artistic knowledge, I\'d think people would apprieicate me more.. But get this, I\'m not haley. I don\'t touch figs and make them instantly succesful. So, once again I ask the haters to quit it.. My rating does little to suffer from you. I don\'t know what else to say but I hope you remember that people work real hard on their figs and it\'s just so easy to give a one and not think about the people you\'re hurting.

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    Default One - the positive and negative about it

    I do have to say that people misuse score \'1\' a lot on this site. And on the site like this, the score talks more than personal message.

    When you get a 0.5 or even sometimes 3 points drop from your previous score in just mere 5 voters, you know that they \'donate\' ones to your mini. It hurts no matter what. Especially for the ones who just started painting. Give them a break.

    If you think their paintjob sucks badly then leave a constructive yet encouraging comment don\'t just throw the nasty number 1 to him. This site is used to get better not getting slained.

    Maybe the scoring/voting should start from a \'5\' and not one, therefore noone can abuse the voting system anymore.

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    Default Who do you work for?

    Chrispy, one thing that I think you should ask is, \'who are you working for?\'

    I\'ve looked over your stuff, rated a couple, and read your advise. You\'ve got very solid technique. Also, remember that this crowd is not the same as some of the cro-mags at your local hobby store that swear primer is a color, these are the people that have the stones to put their work up for public comment, the guys who not only have been told they are good but think that they are good enough, too. No chumps here.

    Why do you paint? For points? For bucks? Or is it because you enjoy it?

    I can totally relate to your rants, I\'d love to get high marks & strokes, but I\'d rather get feedback because I can learn from my mistakes. You\'ve got some good responses here, consider them. You are a great painter, just don\'t loose sight of why you picked up a brush in the first place.

    When so much of a score is in personal style and taste, don\'t sacrifice your own.


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    Default Why oh Why

    Good call Mr H. I paint because I love it. Period. That is it. I like certain minis and manufacturers and I love painting those figures. Whatever the purpose or end result.

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    Yeap, though it can be annoying when your taste in minis is not the same as the popular one. that said, just from looking at amazing models, you go, I can do that! (And with lots of practice just might)


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    Default What do I have to do for an 8 Around here

    Chrispy, I have seen your work, and by and large rate it betwen 6-9. Having said that all I can do is agree with everyone who has said that man if you are happy with the piece then quit worrying about the scores. Unless you are planning to go pro, and have the time to just paint all the time, why worry about it. I know, other peoples opinions about your minis can hurt, but what the hell are you painting for approval or because you want to?

    As an aside, just because you are going to college does not mean you have to quit painting - some of my best work (imho, and the only opinion that counts) was done to break the tension pre or post testing or just to get my brain cleared up to help study more.

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