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    Wow. All I can say is \"wow\".

    I\'ll see if I can\'t snail mail a letter. Been awhile since I\'ve done that.

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    I just started humming \"I fought the law and the law won.\" I then hummed it with Chrispy\'s name in the lyrics. It\'s a bit morbid, but it cheered me a little bit and I hope it cheers you lot to know that cheeriness makes bad situations better and that you too can hum the song too.

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    just looked for the comics, looks like they disapeared :(

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    The link on the main page disapeared around the same time the blogs were added. They may still be on the server somewhere though. I would try to find the URL but if I remember correctly they popped up via Javascript so it would be hard to find. You can\'t anon login via FTP to browse the file structure either.

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    Just back from a lengthy travel back in time and deep in the bowels of CMON and look what I uncovered :

    Mouahahaha, it lives !!!!

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    Nice work. I tried http://www.coolminiornot.com/comic/,
    http://comic.coolminiornot.com/ and a few others but never that.

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    Thanks Frenchkid for the link. Been trying to find Chrispy\'s comics for him for a while. Will let me know.

    chrispys dad

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    That should have been will let HIM know. Guess you can see where he gets it from.

    c\"s dad

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    This thread is becoming curiouser by the post :o

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    Thank you all for your show of support!. And thanks to my nash frenchiness alter ego for finding my comic page again. I got real emotional when I saw all my old CMON buddies pop in, but of course I had to “cry on the inside”. About the only way of explaining prison here is having the worst parts of kindergarten and high school, living out of a public rest room. In kindergarten, you were told what to do and when, and a lot of things had to be done because you may hurt yourself. So, no sharp metal objects, nothing toxic, and not even glue because in the 300 years of or so of the American prisons, every numbskull has tried every dumb trick and so one idiot spoils it for the rest. Example: no more “care packages” from home because of the stereotypical file in the cake scenario. It’s like high school in that people segregate themselves in their own groups and just as the jocks vs. the geeks, it becomes race vs. race and the stereotypes come out. As for living in a public rest room, that should explain itself… It’s a clichéd sentence but it’s not that bad.
    At first, I envisioned a concentration camp maximum facility, but I’m in a low security facility. My cell block is one of the nicer ones where most of us get along. There’s no bars on my door. I don’t have a door. As bad as I am with proportions, I’d venture to say my cell is a 12 foot cube with one triple bunk and one double. I’m on the double bunk, up top so it’s relatively comfortable. At least I don’t have to worry about head clearance. The drawbacks (aside from the obvious) is that the program statement and laws say one thing and my particular institution likes to do thing themselves with little or no regard for these. For example, it’s a low security facility, we’ve established that. But that means there should be no controlled movements or metal detectors, but there is. Two reasons for this: 1. My institution has a contract with Homeland Security for the illegal immigrants, and they do not take into account their crime history from their home country, which means there could be murderers mixed in with purely non-violent illegals. 2. The previous warden had 2 escapes under his supervision and upped security to save his own job. I keep hearing how other joints are better, but the one I’m at is about 30 minutes from my home, and I’d hate to be sent to a place hundreds of miles from my family to where I couldn’t see them weekly as I do now, because of the distance.
    After re-reading this message I noticed at least one mistake I made, which is I DO get time off for good behavior, but not parole. Reagan, in all his senile glory, took parole away from federal inmates to crack down on drug dealers in the 80’s, screwing over the rest of us. Ironically, though, is that most drug offences, even with no tolerance laws will get around 3 years. Drag—Affiliated sentences can get up to a year off with “rehab”…which I, in my clean, wholesome, “just say no” self, cannot apply for…screwed again, and meanwhile the guy selling your kids crack is out in 2 years. I got so much time because after 9/11, anyone committing internet related crimes is pretty much considered a terrorist. Least I’m not in Guantanamo Bay, maybe Harold and Kumar could help me out then. :) Anyways, my outdate without halfway house is October 12th, 2012, which means I’ll leave here around May, 2012. I hope those Mayan calendars are wrong, because it will suck going home for about 20 days and the world ends. Any my last gripe is on the actual sentencing. As noted before, I had 25 points. The points are part of the guidelines, which are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. So the system they used to figure out my time is not law, but judges still use them as law, though they get around the unconstitutional part by saying they were using the suggestions from the guidelines. If you have a ruler in standard inches to measure, then Congress says you can’t use that ruler, you GET A NEW RULER ! Well, enough politics, I’ve got stories you wouldn’t believe, but I’m saving them for another time. I guarantee that you’ll hear them by the time I’m out.
    Let’s talk paint now. First I had a breakthrough. I was sitting thinking about paints, and the conversation in my head went like this: (Beware, stepping into my head ahead!) “It seems kind of sucky watering down acrylics. It’s like watercolors, almost. Why not use watercolors? Oh, because watercolors are slightly transparent and can seem too matte or glossy, depending on what’s near them. Hmmm, but they make opaque watercolors, don’t they? Aha!” And so I ask anyone willing to try to use Gouache. They are opaque watercolors so you can use your Windsor and Newton Series 7 sable watercolor brushes with actual watercolors. This would give a good, thin layer that can be built up! Only thing is because they are so heavily pigmented, they come in tiny tubes (2 ml) for big bucks. This is why I never attempted to use them. Well, in my area there’s usually an ad for an art supply store (Michaels) with a 30-40% off one item coupon every weekend. A patient person could get a pricey tube for less every week and stockpile them. That’s how I got my water based Windsor and Newton colors. If it works, this could revolutionize painting minis as we know it! I am a genius! And they called me mad! What, me? Mua ha ha ha haaa!
    Ahem, well glad to see Citadel put out an unsaturated colors range, maybe now y’all will use them! Also, washes in a box is a good idea. I hated mixing them up on my escargot palette (don’t ask). But this spray gun. It seems to me they took a gun from an airbrush company and repackaged it. From the description, it seems to be a single action with no control of spray diameter. If you want an airbrush, get a cheap dual action gravity fed one. This means one drop of Vallejo can be fed into it to cover a good area size, rather than having to waste a pot to the paint jar. I guess I’m glad my dad went through his mid life crises and bought an Iwata airbrush and supplies so he could paint his motorcycle at home. Anyways, I do see the benefits of a $50 paint gun vs. an over $100 airbrush setup, but if you want better quality and such, weigh your options.
    Time to make myself feel better by nagging on GW a bit! New White Dwarf (June 2008), page 4, lower left corner; Ringwraith with a sword and cape billowing in wind… Oh yeah, never seen THAT before (see above rant). Page 11: the dark elves are looking more….elvy. Page 62: Oh great, another online fantasy mmorph for me to waste time and money on. Say I can be Felix Jaegers and I’m sold. Page 89: in the little tip it states the pressurized gas will get colder the more you use it. In all seriousness, this is due to Cole’s Law. Now, where’s the shredded lettuce and mayo?
    Look at page 2…now at page 93. The spray gun went up $20 in 91 pages…Talk about rapid inflation! Page 114: I in no way see small children misusing the LOS marker. NOT. Well, here’s hoping my GW catalog will get in soon. The mailroom here rejected it the first and second times, and no one told me. I need to keep up on the minis if I’m to win GD 2013 .
    Talk with you all later:)

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    lol take care dude

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    So am I the only one who\'s curious as to EXACTLY what got Chrispy in there for so long?

    Chrispy, when you read this...I feel for you. I have a deeply-rooted fear of going to prison.

    Minimum security or not.

    Take care!

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    So has anyone else written poor Chrispy a letter?

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    maybe Chrispy will be out soon? I can't be bothered to do the maths I been drinking! But it's been a long time.

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    Never saw this Thread, but I am curious: Can you paint while you are in Jail...?... I was thinking about that and if so, it wouldn´t maybe be that bad...^-^... Imagine doing Commission Work from inside the Big House...... On the other hand, it would be hard to draw inspiration from anywhere (and it wouldn´t be too likely to get any Material in... Paints, Brushes, Minis... Fine Metal Saws... Hahaha...)... Prison is pretty depressing and isolated after all, I guess... Maybe it would be possible in Scandinavia or Germany, since Prisons tend to be less restrictive...
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    Simply Wonderful......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Cexwish View Post
    Never saw this Thread, but I am curious: Can you paint while you are in Jail...?... I was thinking about that and if so, it wouldn´t maybe be that bad...^-^... Imagine doing Commission Work from inside the Big House...... On the other hand, it would be hard to draw inspiration from anywhere (and it wouldn´t be too likely to get any Material in... Paints, Brushes, Minis... Fine Metal Saws... Hahaha...)... Prison is pretty depressing and isolated after all, I guess... Maybe it would be possible in Scandinavia or Germany, since Prisons tend to be less restrictive...
    True that, Matt. No way to remove mould lines at all! Good luck, Chrispy, I never knew you, but I hope that you are well. Good luck, and hopefully you will be out soon, you may be even now.

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    They have art programs in jail so probably could paint some minis. Files and sandpaper remove mold lines in a prison friendly manner.

    Going from the initial post, Crispy should be out June 2013'ish.

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    Could he get out earlier on good behavior ?
    " So remember that, when they're beating your ass with a metal shovel while you're dressed as Little Bo Peep - it's not deviant...it's art.

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    According the first post, no early release.

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    I still wonder what was done. That is really stern for what he hinted at.

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