What is it with European postage costs ???
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Thread: What is it with European postage costs ???

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    Default What is it with European postage costs ???

    Why do some companies in France and Spain charge so much to post to the UK???

    Earlier this year I was going to order some of the female pirates from Resina Planet but for 4 figures totalling 24 Euro\'s they wanted to charge me 34 Euro\'s postage???

    Earlier today I bought 2 figures from Krakan at 22 Euro\'s and postage cost me an additional 15 Euro\'s???

    Yet I know full well that they can charge cheaper and no way does it cost that much to send to the UK. Come on people I can send cheaper to the US or Australia that they are sending to me.

    Thoughts or comments anybody or is it just OK to charge this much to the UK because Europe hate us anyway???

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    Originally posted by Avelorn
    The pound has dropped as well...
    I still don\'t think that is an excuse to charge that sort of price for postage though even with current exchange rates of the 1 GBP = 1.26 Euros 15 euro\'s is over £11 to post a figure and a bust???

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    Maybe insurance is expensive for the UK ? Heard you guys had a shitty postal system :P Depending on the size of the package 15 euros is not that expensive if it is insured. Also depends on the time it takes to get there.

    But if it is through regular post, with no insurance, and no speed delivery then it does seem a bit expensive.
    I\'ll ask for kraken when I get the chance.

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    Thanks Frenchkid :D I have ordered anyway so I shall what price they stick on it when it gets here.

    For me to send a parcel International signed for from the UK which includes insurance etc for that price the parcel would need to weigh 1280grams and I really can\'t see their new bust and a 30mm figure weighing that much.

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    I just checked, it would cost the same to Sweden.

    If I would send an insured letter/parcel to a weight between 250-500g, thicker then 30mm It would cost me 105kr which is about $19, €12.50, £10

    uninsured about $8.50, €5.5, £4.50

    So if it is insured I guess the rates are about right (meaning bloody expensive) for the Kraken one. Resina planets seems outrageous, how much did it weight?

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    JMD has pretty high postage as well.

    But that just meant Laura bought me two models instead of just one to get the moneys worth :)

    Enigma is one where I have been pleased with the P&P, they often run offers where if you spend over so much it is free. (And the free P&P spending barrier is usually quite low)

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    Originally posted by Avelorn
    Resina planets seems outrageous, how much did it weight?
    Don\'t know what the weight of the Resina Planet package would have been they never told me but at that price for 4 30mm figures I cancelled the order they were not worth that amount of postage that is for sure.

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    Its not the company\'s profiting off you its the French Postal system. When I was over a year ago I looked into sending some things home as they wouldn\'t fit into my luggage and was floored by what the rates were even for uninsured.

    I know this, I can send a 1 pound package from the USA to France for less than $14.00, to send the same back to me is over $40.00

    Thats crazy.

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    and i thought our postal system was overpriced and crap?!

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    well on the birght side our postal system works very very well. But I have to admit I always found it expensive to send big packages.

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    Originally posted by Jazz is for losers
    Cheating French bastards.
    I think a little bit of wee just came out!


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    Originally posted by Dragon Forge Design
    I know this, I can send a 1 pound package from the USA to France for less than $14.00, to send the same back to me is over $40.00

    Thats crazy.
    Yes, it\'s unfortunate, considering that the British post to other countries is apparently very cheap and FAST - this based on eBay and Mini Exchange parcels that have arrived here in DAYS, with a few pounds\' postage on them.

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    I\'m going to stick up for Royal Mail here.

    I know they get a fair bit of bad publicity, but I used them for everything I bought and sold for years, for stuff all over the world. I had very few problems with stuff going walkies or not arriving.

    My only gripe was when an idiot postie folded one of my records in half and posted it through my letterbox!

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    Yep one and only time I bought anything direct from Rackham the postage was twice the cost of the figures.

    This postage issue might be a case for a joint effort order to try to save a bit.

    I have to agree with Scott, while Royal Mail has it\'s faults most of the time they are good. Can\'t fault my local postie, he actually thinks about what he\'s delivering and tries to deliver everything Properly

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    I can\'t say that the German postal system charges too much... I sent 5 minis to America for less than 3€ and they arrived within three or four days.
    However, some shops just charge high costs because they don\'t always send by the best option or maybe they charge a \"handling fee\". I always hate that. If you want me to buy your merchandise, you should damn well be prepared to actually hand it to me, you buggers!
    And by the way, Rackham is pretty bad concerning their shipping options. They charge 10€ to ship to Germany and estimate the time in transit to be 15 days.

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    i generally have no problem with royal mail or anywhere worldwide except spain. twice i have sent a package to a guy their and both times were seemingly lost in the post only for each to turn up over 2 MONTHS later.

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    Originally posted by Mosch
    If you want me to buy your merchandise, you should damn well be prepared to actually hand it to me, you buggers!
    lol you sound so british when you say that!

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    Well I thought I would give you a bit of an update :D

    I collected the package from the local post office Saturday morning as it was delivered whilst I was away. I thought OK maybe I was wrong when the guy behind the counter handed me a box that measured 23cm x 17cm x 5.5cm until I had it in my hand and thought blimey this feels light???

    When I got home and opened it I was amazed to find that the box was actually a tadge oversized like 6 times over sized for that matter, even if I wrapped it in bubble wrap myself it would have measured no more than about 10cm x 6cm x 6cm.

    The box weight on the paperwork was....

    Wait for it you\'ll like this


    Yep thats right not even 100grams

    Is Postage from France or spain realy this expensive for 2 resin figures???

    When 3 figures from Tales of War which are metal will cost me 9 Euro\'s and weigh twice as much???

    I am all for helping out the little guys but please lets be realistic with postage.

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