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    Default pumpkin

    Even though I have painted a few minis they have all been part of something - warbands, RPG, armies. So I believe I can say that this is actually the first mini I paint only for the sake of painting it. The colors are chosen for most parts - but one thing I struggle with is the shoes, how shal I do them? Converse, plain red, whithe sneekers?

    Any comments and advise would be much appreciated.

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    Pink converse - with matching bow.

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    yeah converse, but I\'d probably make them green instead. :)

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    I don\'t know why but pink Converse came to mind as well. Weird.

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    converse it is then. Another little venture ( I have just decided) will be an attemt on NMM on the blade - I\'m not very good at it so I thought I\'d ask your opinion. How would you paint NMM on this blade ? Dark at the bottom, top highlight on the point and a bit down the edge?

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    I\'d do it like this:

    Also I\'v recently written a tutorial whilst painting a Pixie Trickster, you may like to have a look at it:

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    the blade is flat - wouldtn\'t it need an egde where the dark and light area separates to work?

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    got a little more paint splashed on - think I need to work a bit on the green now that I see up and large.

    Would still appreciate advice on the NMM.

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    How about doing it Slightly blued SENMM, as it\'s flat you needn\'t worry about angles too much, only working on a smooth blend ... ?

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    Good idear I\'ll try that(might as well gime myself as hard a time as I can :) ) - Let me see if I have it right:

    SENMM: (from the top)
    - Blue
    - blended to white in a horisontical line
    - black or very dark line under the white, with a sharp edge
    - blended to a light(er)brown towards the earth.

    is that correct?

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    Like I said on Ebay, I like her a lot. You can do the NMM like Matty showed even if it\'s a flat blade.

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    Yep the blade being flat shouldn\'t pose too much of a problem you can use the surface much like a piece of paper and paint it to give the impression that it has a cutting edge to look like the example of in matty\'s picture.
    Cool mini, that reminds me I have the pumpkin nurse to paint out of the Creafigs Tsunami set.

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    So I decided to try the SENMM - never done that before. I quite happy with the result - though I think it\'ll look better once the areas next to it are painted.
    I would very much like to hear what you think.

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    Great work so far (particularly like the natural colours and striations), but I think the colours of the SENMM don\'t fit so well. Makes it look like it\'s standing in a brightly lit desert.

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    Yeah, the SENMM is not doing it for me on the blade. I think your technique is pretty good for a first try (although there shouldn\'t be a bright highlight on the bottom edge of the blade in this case), but as I look through reference material on blades, most do not reflect the actual colors of the ground unless they are very very close to it. I would do a darker grey for the horizon, down and just a hint of blue for the sky side.

    Also, remember that a blade has at least two planes on either face: the edge begins a new plane that would alter the direction of the horizon. When I have seen successful SENMM on blades in the past, it seems like they have all done the horizon line running parallel to the length of the blade. In this case, vertically. I\'ll see if I can find some reference material to illustrate what I\'m saying.

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    Here we go, check out the blades on the back of this guy:


    Arjay has a ton of SENMM in his gallery that you can look at for reference. There\'s another of these guys in his gallery that is holding a vertical blade that may help.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    thanks for your replys guys.

    actually I was thinking on placing him in a desert like area. So, though not that intentionally, somehow that\'s not the worst comparison for me ;)

    @mattrock: I follow you some of the way. I think what is making this a bit different is that there is no different planes on this blade, just one flat side - so I guess only one horisont line. You are right about the colors - I might keep them greyer in further attempts, and the white line on the bottom will be removed. I don\'t agree on the bit with the vertical line though. An object held on a right angle to the surface can only reflect the horisont horisontically (if that\'s a word). I see what you mean on many blades in the galleries, but none or very few of these are held in a right angle to the ground.
    The big difference to the blades on arjay\'s cool mini is that they are made up of two parts - one suface facing up and one facing down, under those conditions it\'s correct you\'ll get a side reflecting mostly or onle ground or sky. I think the situation at hand is to compare to the shield on his mini.
    I am thought only referring to stuff I read else where, so please help me learn and get this correct.

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    Actually, what I meant by blue SENMM was something more like;

    But good go for a first try!

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