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Thread: VINCENTI\'S WIP!!!! update 29/6/8

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    You don\'t even have to paint it ... if you are going for that pink Barbie look. lol
    No that was wrong I know
    really nice sculpt...
    The only thing I would sugest is to do something more with the base... Right now it looks like mud. It should look like he\'s running thru battlefield. But what do I know...

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    he needs a necklace with teeth, fingers and ears attached hanging around his nack draping down over the front of his armour slightly.

    reinforce that feral feel (okay so my ideas do get a bit grim, but space wolves aren\'t nice guys now are they!)

    love the gauntlets mate, they remind me eastern cavarly armour :D

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    jep that right - he needs to simpel and brutal

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    Default ok update

    to quote the man himself:
    Here is the next installment of Logan Grimnar.As you can see I have
    responded to some of your constructive critisms.
    The Imperial wings have gone and I have added battle damage all over him.
    I also added some more Rune work.
    As you can seen I have started the basic wolf pelt.
    I have always had a problem with the classic mini look of Logan,the wolf
    head over Logans just looked to Disneyish for my liking, so I have used my
    \"anorak \" knowledge of military history to help with the solution.
    The Polish Winged Hussars of the 16th/17th century used predator pelts as
    part of their uniform(and their horses).The pelt head was worn on the
    shoulder with the fore limbs wrapped around the body.Hey Presto! that
    will do for Logan thankyou very much.
    I genuinely prefer this look,and it doesnt throw a nasty shadow over the
    characters face !
    Details have started to be added , more will go on after priming,(
    Necklaces, wolf teeth,rune stones etc etc. )
    Any useful comments welcome.

    GOD bless ............VINCENTI.

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    Looks very good, but its not clear how the pelt is affixed to him. The bottom part that wraps up around his belly seems to just be stuck there.

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    maybe have the two claws of the pelt interlocking into the diamond icon jobby like a clasp of sorts?? just a thought.....That green nose is offputting :beer:

    looking good and I wholeheartedly agree with the head on the top.. a little too disney and draws too much focus from the face ..good call sir..

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    I am going to have a chain and pendant fastening the pelt legs together.I am trying to add more detail that gets you away from cliched Wolf stuff yet still maintains a Nordic look.
    Thanks fot the input lads !;)

    GOD bless ................VINCENTI

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    Originally posted by vincenti
    YES to all the above !Thanks folks for the input. Except 1 suggestion .....:yawn:

    WARNING NERD ATTACK !!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    I am pretty certain Space wolves dont wear purity seals :wow:. If you dig deep enough into there chapter beliefs and doctrines purity seals on wolves just wouldnt happen.
    I know sone of the minis are cast with them on but if you read enugh about them I am almost certain this is the case :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

    Any WOLF experts out there who can shed further light on this ?

    GOD bless ...................VINCENTI
    actually hang on, i have better reference pis than the ones i posted before (notice one of adie\'s wolves on the cover of ravage and noticed the PURITY SEALS!! and there was me thinking i was stupid!

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    Yep that\'s the sound of someone\'s being busted

    now you know it! ;)

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    Yeah but bear in mind those were done before Adie started delving deeper into the whole wolf mythos...

    The thing is I agree with the fact they wouldn\'t bear purity seals .. all descriptive stuff deep in the background hints at them disliking any \"official\" branding, They are not fans of the admistorum or the Inquisition. Most of ther views of the history of the universe is centred soley around their own mythology and background... Purity seals just doesn\'t ring right. They use wolf tails and other talismans as replacements for these.. Maybe \"If\" seals are added (let\'s face it they can bring a model to life) Then it could be a good move to replace the standard wax seal and stamp with a space wolf rune??? kind of their own version of a purity seal.

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    Default Purity Seals

    You never know. There could have been a battle where a Space Wolf saw his buddy from another Chapter get slain on the battlefield. And his last dying words as he handed his purity seal to the Space Wolf were, \"Wear my purity seal to honor me\".

    Adie, your work is extraordinarily incredible!!!

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    fair enough if it aint in the fluff but i knew i had seen them somewhere! i had to prove it to myself (and also you lot!)

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