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Thread: Warning: exuberant Lucius!

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    Default Warning: exuberant Lucius!

    Yes, I know there are lots of crazy colors on this, but as my gaming buddy says (who also happens to play Slaneesh)... \"It is Slaneesh, after all!\":D

    It had been a long time since I had a chance to lay out a bunch of colors on a pallette and take a big brush to move them around.

    Mixing colors like astral blue with lich purple and warlock purple made some interesting results, as did glazing bubonic brown and lich purple over rotting flesh!lol

    Glazing catachan and dark angels green over tentacle pink and elf flesh was very entertaining.

    Here\'s a link:

    And another pic:

    And some larger pics:



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    As you say there are lots of colours on this but its all pulled together so well that no one colour overrides another. The blending etc is superb, great show case of how to paint with a bright palette.

    Great work :D

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    Looks really sweet but then comes the downfall of looking at bright things for too long as now im seeing bright coloured blurs

    Great peace though, impeccable painting

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    very nice. good to see the different colours coming out there

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    I\'m not a big chaos fan... particularly the Nurgle and Slanesh stuff. However, this is really a well painted mini. If nothing else, the liquid cylinders on his back pack are freakin\' cool! I love the exclamation point highlights on them and that they are filled at different levels. Don\'t know if that\'s your idea or not, but very sweet-looking effect.



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