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    Default Emperor\'s Children Predator Conversion WIP

    Hi folks - as somebody in the gallery had suggested, I\'m posting my (first ^^) WIP here. I\'d like to know what you guys think of my idea. Well, I\'ll just copy and paste what I\'ve written before, so don\'t you be disappointed if you don\'t get to read anything new.

    I felt always a little bothered by the fact that not even FW\'s Death Guard Predator diverges too much from the Mk.IV standard, so I decided to at least give this tank a new front. As soon as it is finished, you\'ll be able to recognize the lower part of it as a speaker system. The main gun was replaced by a Eldar weapon (somehow they always remind me of Slaanesh, guess why), while the targeter next to it was upgraded with some pieces from the command tank sprue which is included in most of the Apocalypse sets.
    Oh, as you might be able to see, I replaced the right headlight with a searchlight from the Chaos accessory sprue.
    About that guy on the back of the tank:
    I imagined my Emperor\'s Children to look at Fulgrim as their saviour, thus regarding him as an angel or something. It\'s my first attempt at freehand.

    Please let me know what you think about it.
    Updates will follow soon!

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    That looks really cool, are there going to be anymore EC details added? Love the freehand on the back hatch though very Slaaneshi.

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    Most of the further EC details will be painted rather than scuplted, though I think about doing something with the sponsons...
    /e: Maybe adding some heraldry to ONE of them, to increase the asymmetric impression Chaos generally provides.

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    Glad to see you follow good advice :D Looks good already, but I think you should do a couple more detail in plastic card or what ever. I find detail made that way ads caracter in a way painted details can\'t.
    Your freehand really works - a perfect twisted symbolism just right for slaneesh

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    I\'ll just try to stick to the more advanced artists ;-)

    Actually, I\'m working on one of the side sponsons, to make it look more archaic.
    What kind of details did you think of?
    Except for the winged claw of the legion, for that\'s what I\'ll be working on soon ^^

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    I didn\'t have anything special in mind, just stuff along the same line as you have already done - like the tubes, changed front - those things are what makes it stand out.

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    As promised. I added some further detail, and... well. The speaker system I told you I\'d do.

    Okay... the next picture shows what I made of the sponson weapons. Of course they are supposed to be Blastmasters.

    Hope you like it. :-)
    Btw - I just recaptured why I HATE working with GS - it makes chocolate taste horrible. *lol*
    And yupp, I\'ll clean it up before painting.

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    Cool. I like what you have done to the tank with tubes and rivets - more of that. Maybe you should also consider adding panels or symbols that have those characteristic fluid lines of Slaanesh. You now, more sensuous ;)

    BTW, what are you going to do to the front hatches of the hull, and have you considered a colour scheme?

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    Actually I\'ve never thought about these hatches... But now that you mention it, I think I\'ll enclose one of them completely while the other one will be a host to he tank\'s smoke launchers.
    About the colour scheme... The front part might get painted like this:

    And the back will be covered with freehands like the one on the back. Maybe some litany, some screaming souls - chaotic stuff in each case. ^^

    /e: sorry, wrong pic :redface:

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    A little update. No big deal, but I finally came across a fitting name for a Noise Marine tank:

    \"Allegro Immanis\"

    Please let me know what you think about it.

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    Sounds good! Although i just put it through a Latin Translator and it came out in English as \"Herrings Monstrous\"! lol


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    No more than one mistake in an online translation - pretty good result ^^

    \"Monstrous\" is the right word for \"Immanis\", while \"Allegro\" is actually a word for some speedy music style.
    Thought it would fit ^^

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    And how much more emperors children can you get that 80s speed metal, with a little bit of something like poison mixed in, just for some colour :P

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