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    Brick w/ Launcher

    Hammerer (version 1)

    Hammerer (version 2)

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    Errm, I think they look nice (I especially like the stance of Brick) but since I don\'t know the originals, it is pretty hard to tell which parts are converted.
    Have you done anything to the legs of the hammerers? If you have, I\'d love to know because I\'d like to do something similar to the legs of a GW Taur Broadside I\'m working on at the moment.

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    Thanks for the comments. I\'m a novice at converting, but have had some favorable feedback on other forum.

    Here\'s what the stock Ferryman looks like:

    I\'ve swapped the head and right arm with the Stormsmith from Warmachine. The Broccoli-base was taken off and the legs repositioned for the aggressive pose. The left arm was moved to point forward. The body was shifted forward. The sawn-off shotgun was shaved down and mounted to his back and a strap was added.

    Here\'s group shot with the stock Brick in it.

    The Brick had the spikes shaved off the boots, the Launcher was swapped with another figures, the lower part of the right arm was replaced with a SST Skinny Venerable arm.

    The two Hammerer\'s have the alternate head and the Line Cannon removed from the shoulder and placed in the hand with a pistol grip. The legs are mostly stock. One of them is slightly straightened.

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    Hey Chris, these look great!

    And I love moving pictures! So futuristic!!

    I really really got to get painting my Rez. stuff. It\'s far too good to leave it untouched!

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    @supervike: Thanks! I\'ve got about 20 Ronin for a buddy I\'m working on and my entire APAC group of about 40 models.

    I\'m a slow painter. It\'ll probably keep me busy for the next several months.

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