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    Default What did I miss?

    Hey Im back!
    Been gone for almost a year now.
    Alot of new faces here.
    Where do I start? Please help me return to the wonderful and sometimes destructive world of miniature painting!

    Ive missed ya! :D


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    Well, you miss my blind scare. I was losing my vsion. but I am ok now.

    It seemed I was stressed.

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    Welcome back! I only really started posting about a year ago properly so you probably don\'t know me.

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    :beer: welcome back, and you\'re in luck! you haven’t missed the coveted Mop Boy experience yet.lol

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    Just started poping back in myself... but welcome back anyways :P Seems it\'s impossible to get away from this place !!

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    Originally posted by Ebonbuddha
    Well, you miss my blind scare. I was losing my vsion. but I am ok now.

    It seemed I was stressed.
    It was stress? I remember the original scare but never heard how it resolved. I assumed it was due to um... never mind ;) lol

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    Yeah. I saw the cool photos of my eye. There are all of these nice, stream line veins and this big bulging artery. Whenever I got stressed, the artery would push against he veins. And that is why my eyes went out of focus.

    Ever since I slowed down, I haven’t had blurry vision. Maybe not slow down, but I don’t let things or people (read as the racist things and humiliating things some Koreans do to me) get to me…Not much.:)

    It will be over soon though. As soon as revenue Canada confirms that my wife isn’t a tax dodger.lol

    By the way; you lucked out. You missed the Catman.;)

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    Welcome back.

    I was just a lurker when you left.

    Now, there\'s actually been a thread inspired by me (started by reverend).

    That practically makes me a celebrity!
    Autographs are $25. Have your people call my people. We\'ll do lunch.

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    welcome back, although it\'s nice to see you from time to time on the f.o.d.

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