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    I\'m currently adding another Broadside to my Tau army, and I simply can\'t resist converting it a bit. I have already made one which you can see here and I liked doing it so much that I simply had to make another. However, having made the first, I realised that I wanted to do a couple of things differently, so that is what this WIP is all about.

    My problem is that I feel the mini is a bit top heavy - even when the rail guns have been swapped for the missilie launchers. To create harmony in the mini I therefore want to strengthen the lower legs and underscore the solidity of the mini. So far I have added pistons on the sides of the lower legs and placed a GS armoured kneecap and the result looks like this:

    To put this into perspective, here\'s a picture of all the components blue-tacced together. Of course the rail guns are to face forward horisontally, but the blue-tac wasn\'t strong enough to keep them up. And to add insult to injury I even managed to break off a couple of things on the mini trying to force the blue-tac to work properly.

    By the way: The missile pods are only attached with magnets so that I can swap for plasma rifles if I want to. I might give you a closer look later if it has any interest (and if I can make my camera give me a picture with a decent resolution.)

    I\'m really not sure whether the expansion of the lower legs work well right now or if I should change them a bit. Furthermore, to distinguish the Broadsides from ordinary crisis suits I would like to do something to the torso, shoulders or arms, but I\'m not sure what. So please, share your thoughts on the matter if anything comes to mind - I\'m always willing to learn and improve (otherwise I guess I wouldn\'t be posting here, right?)

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    think this is looking good - gives it a stabile look and adds some caracter. The kneecap is really well done. The only thing is with the pistons - they look a little heavy, maybe do them in a thinner version. Under all circumstanses you have to make sure the lower/thinkest part of the piston is the longest - I think it looks better/right that way - I guess also from a tecnical wiev you would need the part where something slides into to be longest (and no :D don\'t even go there guys - already knew what you were thinking)

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    An update.

    I have now replaced the tilted pistons with upright pistons, but I must admit I was a bit too lazy to redo them all in order to make the bottom bit longer than the upper. I agree with your technical comment, Manus, but only insofar as you need to compress the piston to half size - and actually I don\'t think that would be necessary here, so maybe I can get away with it after all?

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