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    Hi all here is my latest WIP, a skeleton from the now OOP Ilyad Games range, I managed to grab a few of these from a site that was kindly linked to me by matty1001 a while back now, thanks for that mate.

    He is actually pretty close to being done, I was thinking of adding some weathering to the mini as he is far to clean for a skeleton but I do kind of like the cleanliness of the look. I haven\'t made my mind up on that yet so I will have to see how the mood takes me.

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    a nice smooth job. i see what you mean about the weathering. he\'s look cool with it but he kinda nice as he is! tiny ribcage though. whats he standing on the base? looks like some kind of cool floor detail

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    Love the super intense red, and the cool green to contrast it!


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    Love it mate, but just a little weathering would make it perfect. As Fizl said the red is great, your reds are always great though.

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